My opinion on the “Disobedient Cowards” Panel Comments on Holy Hip Hop

My opinion is the panelists were right, they just didn’t see clearly enough to show HOW they were right.

The bible says “If a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants are wicked.”

Unfortunately, leadership by example in “holy hip hop” is corrupted and following after the world… and that has painted the whole movement as “disobedient cowards.” Unfortunately, the majority of holy hip hop is scared to stand against the world and against the disobedient cowards that are leading the body of Christ into the world.

The genre is not evil, but people that follow corrupt leadership within the genre are. Some people that stand against corrupt leadership have kept themselves from evil. However, they are the minority, so to the panelists who don’t see the minority, it’s all evil.

They were correct in their assessment of the overall state of holy hip hop or reformed rap or gospel rap.

So the panelists were actually accurate… but just didn’t have the insight to know exactly why they were accurate. Probably because they are not intimately familiar with what they were asked about.

There’s a such thing as being right by perspective and wrong by logic. Sometimes a prophetically gifted person can get it right with his gift, but not yet have all the scriptures and logic together correctly to prove why he’s accurate.

I don’t they should recant their opinions… I think they should dig a little deeper to find out more why this issue is so strong on the heart of God for the next generation.

I wrote the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL to bring the scriptures, prophetic perspective, and real life experience together on this topic among many others. I highly recommend reading Killing Idols for REVIVAL.

Jezebel in a Nutshell

The spirit of Jezebel does 2 main things, 1. TEACH and 2. SEDUCE:

She teaches false doctrine and natural OR spiritual fornication.

She seduces people into rebellion, disorder, and idolatry.

Don’t follow the spirit of Jezebel or you will die spiritually.

Revelation 2:20
Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to TEACH and to SEDUCE my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

The Demon Spirit of Jezebel destroys your testimony with compromise, hardens your heart to true repentance, then “ELEVATES” your ministry so the NEXT generation can be Inspired and influenced with mixed seed, and then eventually aborted. It’s a genius plan, actually. But then – God sends the Spirit of Elijah.

99% of American ministries don’t understand how the demonic spirit of Jezebel really works, they think it’s a bossy woman in a red dress LOL.

85% of the ministries in America either “look up to” and are inspired by a ministry in Jezebels mixture and deception, or can’t wait to be the “next in line” to be put at the top by her compromise, influence, money, and power.

It’s tough to follow the King when you can’t stop following the queen. #JESUSoverJezebel
#spiritofElijah over #spiritofconfusion

Subscribing to this blog WWW.SOSPRESSION.COM, and reading the book “Killing Idols for REVIVAL” will put you in the 1%. It will equip you to endure until the end, escape deception, shine like the sun with wisdom and purity in the last darkest days, and rule the nations with a rod of iron.

Read Revelation 2

Spoken Life Project – True Voices to Our Generation!

eSoSa: When did spoken life project start?

Itohan: Spoken Life Project is a Gospel-centered performing arts ministry, known primarily for spoken word poetry, founded January 2009. Our primary goal is to use our art and lives to make Jesus Christ known. We also actively encourage, train, and disciple other artists in the body.

eS0Sa: Where all have you traveled to do your spoken word?

Itohan: We have traveled all over the country. Every coast/ region. And we hope to travel more internationally in the near future. We are asked to come speak at anything from open mic poetry nights to church openings, youth conferences, concerts, private events, and teachings/workshops. We also spend time purposely going to venues to share the Gospel where it is not commonly heard.

eSoSaWhat is your most memorable time of ministry?

Itohan: For me, the most memorable time of ministry was 2009 and 2010. Particularly the Spring and Summer season of both. The Lord was really challenging us to think outside of ourselves and expose more of ourselves than I think we had ever planned to. Both by sharing our testimonies through poetry so that God can get praise and glory through our lives, and by serving, traveling, and speaking as much as the Holy Spirit gave us strength to serve. We were really passionate about reaching the lost and building up the bride. There were specific shows that left us completely broken. The sweet presence of the Lord, that was felt and made visible through the hearts responding to the Gospel, could not be explained. And to see God use yourself, in all your brokenness for His glory, and then have hours on the road or on a plane to reflect on it was amazing.

eSoSa: How do you describe the art of spoken word?

Itohan: Spoken word is performance poetry. It is poetry that is purposeful and entertaining. I believe it also has some sort of message, and it is best MEMORIZED!!

eSoSa: What type of new things are you into right now?

Itohan: I think right now teaching and training others is a big part of what we are doing now. Also, partnering with other ministries and building community. We believe in uniting with others on the foundation of the Gospel. That means alliances with a variety of artists, churches, ministries, labels, etc. We want to see the bride united and thriving. So that God will be glorified through our love and Him and each other. There are also a lot of solo projects in the works, videos, albums, books, and blogs.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for Spoken Life Project, and Tru Voices Chicago! Its time to change our generation!

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I Don’t Wish Destruction On Anyone – It Actually Brings Tears to My Eyes

I don’t wish destruction on anyone. It’s so sad to see people marching confidently towards spiritual destruction. It literally brings tears to your eyes.

Philippians 3:17 Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.

18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

Keep in mind he’s talking about “Christian Leaders” (false apostles) that compete with him and his pure message of a heaven based lifestyle and the Cross of Jesus Christ. He’s not talking about “sinners” in this scripture.

He’s saying “follow me instead of false Christian leaders that corrupt you with earthly minded ministry, they will be destroyed in the end, and I am crying about it.”

The main reason we believe God gave us this book in such a supernatural way is because many people start out with pure intentions in God, but then get deceived by Satan. He is the master deciever. People don’t start out planning to become wolves. They start out loving the cross, not as enemies of the Cross. Nobody says “I want to be a false prophet when I grow up.”

Nobody says “I’m going to build an excellent fruitful music/preaching ministry, then corrupt it, cause people to fall away from the faith, and infect the next generation with spiritual fornication and adultery.”

Nobody says “I’m going to minister to a bunch of young Christians and teach them to follow the world instead of the Holy Ghost!”

Nobody starts out their ministry saying “I’m going serve serve God for seven years, then commit adultery and divorce my wife and bring shame to the Body of Christ!”

Noone purposefully says: “Yes, I’m going to go find a move of God on the brink of revival – and destroy it and stop the purpose of God by earthly minded competition, branding, and witchcraft!”

These things happen because of deception. That’s no excuse, but it is a reason. So when you see things like this happen, it really does bring tears to your eyes.

The dreams and interpretations and real life examples in Killing Idols for REVIVAL are meant to expose the lies that Satan uses to deceive generation after generation after generation, over and over and over again. (None of this is new, its not just “the young people.”)

But in Jesus Name, let THIS GENERATION be the Generation that SEEKS GOD’S FACE! (Psalms 24). Then the King of Glory Will Come In!!!

We will SEEK GOD’S FACE, and Stand AGAINST the Devil’s Deceptions, and EXALT JESUS OVER EVERYTHING at The PROTEST.

What was God thinking when He put the Largest Salt Mine in His earth under Detroit?????!

Did you know that the Largest Salt Mine in the World is right underneath Detroit?

Did you know that only a few hundred years ago salt was almost worth its weight in gold or silver, and that the world “salary” comes from salt, because the Roman Empire paid its soldiers in salt?

Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth. In the earth, but not of it, a preservative… But He said if the salts loses its savor, its flavor and purpose difference from the other minerals, its just worth dirt to be trampled on.

Maybe Detroit is called to be a place where the Church restores its Saltiness, its Holiness, its Difference from the earthly minded and its Value to the world!!!

In Jesus Name let it be so!!!

We decided to Catch Up With JayBrian… and He decided to Start the PROTEST 1 month early!!!

Jay_Brian_picWe decided to Catch Up With JayBrian… and He decided to Start the PROTEST 1 month early!!!

eSoSa: What have you been up to since you moved to Texas?

JayBrian: I moved to Texas September 2011! Really, I wanted to focus on my family, and becoming a Godly, well rounded man. So, I’ve been WORKING really hard as a provider!!!

I didn’t grow up with my father in the home so I made a lot of bad decisions in my ignorance. My father and I have a great relationship now, in fact he has helped me tremendously in my adult life! It was really important to me to please God with this glorious responsibility of being a Provider, Protector, & Priest! Lol!

I didn’t have the best examples, but I had the Holy Spirit, and being led to move to Texas I have been SUPER Blessed by some Strong Godly examples in the area of family. I didn’t comprehend that my prayers would be hindered if I didn’t properly deal with my wife according to knowledge as a co-heir in Christ! 2 Peter 3:7 continues to change me daily!

I’m being taught to properly COVER my wife as Christ covers me, and what a covering really is according to 1 Corinthians 11. Those are just a few points to mention. You know we hear ALL the time that “the home is the first ministry” but in retrospect we’re never taught it! And very seldom do we see it…

So as I was thoroughly taught and begin to study to change me, I realized what REALLY brings God Glory… Family/Families being produced and functioning the way GOD created them to function. 1 man & 1 woman becoming 1 in the image of Christ, Husband is to wife as Christ is to HIS church, The Bride of Christ! Eph. 5:25 I’ve learned what it means to NOT entice my children. Eph. 6:4 but to bring them up in discipline… You know!

Quality time is not being physically there, but mentally or emotionally somewhere else! All we hear now, equally from men and women is that they’ve been called to “minister” or to the nations but often if not the majority of time it’s the home front that never gets the ministry! 1 Tim 3:5 is very clear in that you don’t belong in ministry if you can’t manage your home… First!!! We chalk it up to the facts of life when we hear about family issues or children acting out… Because it’s the “mand uve gawd” (that people low key worship) we don’t resort to the bible for instruction!

What is a youth pastor? It’s not biblical… And I was one, for 2 years (I did a terrible job might I add) Lol. These kids need their PARENTS!!!!! The word of God means nothing if the parents don’t live it, the authority of God means nothing if the father is absent! Scripture states to the parents to train “your” child in the word! Of course I’m not against all youthful activities though. The only biblical youth pastor other than a parent is a youth that is a pastor! Timothy was a youth!

[esosa – we realize that some children are fatherless and/or have unbelieving parents and that some pastor-teachers are called to help God be a father to the fatherless]

This world has done a fantastic job at warping our perspective as it relates to this life. The reason behind it is we’re raised to be either double minded “you know church ain’t everything” or out of balance Christians ” we can be constantly entertained by anything, except God!” Not according to Psalms 1 or 2 Corinthians 6.

I’m not saying that adults can’t dine in places that serve alcohol or going to the movies is the devil! It’s about balance!

Christians are to rely on the fruits of the Spirit and discern in everyday life! These kids will never get this if it’s not modeled by the parents in fear of The Lord!

So the curse ended with me as far as my lineage/legacy! Me and my wife are living by faith together raising our children of 3, she is at home I’m at work, I Believe God is pleased!

My Protest is against men and especially women who leave their homes to pursue some type of calling by “god” (little g on purpose) and forsake their homes, husbands, wives, and super-especially the children which God said is HIS heritage in Psalms 127.

Parents be youth pastors… Men become husbands and fathers obedient to The Lord… Women become wives and mothers submitted to your husband, which is obedience to The Lord so that the Word won’t be reviled!

eSoSa:One of the reasons we had to have you do the first protest concert is because you were actually in the dream where God showed us the protest in the last chapter of the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL. When did your “Protest” start and how do you describe it?

JayBrian: My protest began when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I didn’t quite understand everything neither did I immediately take action! I was a young adult in my early twenties, I was raised Christian but I matured to a believer! The difference, doing what I was told vs. doing what I believed.. Now I have my own convictions.

I started reading the bible for myself and depending on God to give me understanding. Boy o’ boy was I in for an awakening! I’ve been in church my whole life not knowing what it meant to “be the church.”

Let’s say I was Jermaine Dollar and I needed change you can say the bible was the coin machine!!! I instantly noticed that religion was a disease that had life ending side effects. The bible isn’t some source of power to manipulate or control humans that are lost, broken, hurt, confused, abandoned, and abused!

Remember this: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth… B.I.B.L.E haha! The word of God is Life for the Believer the perfect guide for salvation and the faithless! In Psalms 119:11 David expressed what should be the sentiments of every Christian. We should not want to sin!

The bible warns of a great delusion in 2 Thessalonians, so we will have people who just won’t get it, but I’m believing for the ones who really want the God given Truth! I just want people to read the BIBLE!

My Protest is against ignorant Christians who continue to believe men over God, against leaders who carelessly miss handle something as sharp as the Word of God! I admonish them to wake up, stop chasing dreams and live what the bible instructs, as children of light in this dark ending world!

No wonder our children are falling away at record breaking percentages, no wonder “holy” men are continuously in the news for scandals and such, no wonder we’re turning to reality tv and all other mediums for exposure/platform, our (so-called) leaders are the main ones embracing the worlds idols!

We share stages, church buildings, we write movies together, we go on tour, I mean we are literally what the bible would call prostituting everything even ourselves.

Now there’s this teaching that has resurfaced made popular by reformers – teaching there’s no sacred/secular divide!

WHAT? Let me remind believers that JESUS taught us in John 15:18 that “The World Hates You!” Then in verse 20 HE reminded us “the servant is not greater than the master”!

We are commissioned to win the lost, not the world system that hates us! “We” can’t save something that was never intended to be saved.

People will be drawn by lifting up Jesus, not culture, art, numbers, and certainly not man!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the spiritual ambitious bunch, look for/pray for the men whose leadership modeled that of Paul, Peter, John, and the like!

Paul called himself the chiefest sinner, became a slave to righteousness and the pure gospel…

Peter denied Jesus, and by the grace of God wrote great instruction on false teachers and our call to be Holy(separated).

John who lived in the “wild” engaged culture with no problem – in fact he confronted the “king” about his adulterous lifestyle.

You see bro we carry truth boldly, not passively, and in this day we have to be willing to lose everything even life just as our predecessors in the faith did!

One of my favorite scriptures is John 5:44: How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

eSoSa: I love that scripture too! One thing I get from it is that Jesus basically said “we can’t believe” if we’re trying to get honor from men. That’s a faith issue! So our “world changing faith” becomes useless if we accept honor from men instead of God. That’s part of the reason we believe for revival and for the harvest but we don’t see fruit that remains because we are trying to get honor from men, not God. So when it comes time to preach what God says, we are too busy thinking “this won’t get me honor, money, awards, respect, speaking engagements, recommendations from men.” What were some of your main takeaways from the book Killing Idols for Revival?

JayBrian: Honestly bro… TRUTH! Plus, I truly appreciate your diligence in teaching on how business within the kingdom is to be handled by scripture! Oh, one more… That awful spirit of Jezebel that aggressively hinders our men today! Killing Idols for Revival is a must read! Blessings to you and your family!


“Living in a foolish world I am not a foolish man, I lost all of my foolish pride

Father of a baby girl gotta show her what a man is, also a father of 2 boys

Gotta show’em what the fear of God really means I’m a husband to 1 wife

Proven to this world what the God family really looks like”

-from “Man After Gods Heart” written by Jay Brian

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We are Listening to the R. Kelly Gospel

Remember that song from back in the day where R.Kelly said that Jesus Christ was the head of his life?

Yeah, LoL is right. But that’s how a lot of gospel music and holy hip hop and CCM is nowadays… Because a life not lived makes a worthless song.

Babylon and the Tabernacle of David don’t mix. You can use the word “holy” and “Jesus” in songs all you want but if you can’t separate your gifts, career and life unto God it’s powerless and worthless.

Yes, the fruit does die and the souls that you “reach” with the R. Kelly LoL gospel will fall away from the faith when tribulation comes. Revelations 2 Jezebels children are killed with death. Selah…

For more particulars on this teaching read- Killling Idols for REVIVAL

If You Don’t Hold Back God Won’t Hold Back!

Swing the Sword and Lift the Incense! If you don’t hold back God won’t hold back!

Somebody’s got to do it!

Just a little encouragement for the True Messengers out there Killing Idols for Revival!

Question: which sin is worse? Natural adultery or spiritual adultery ?

Question: which sin is worse? Natural adultery or spiritual adultery?

Answer: both.

Natural adultery is easy to understand, so it hurts a few people, causes a few people to stumble and fall away from the faith, and it spreads to a few.

Spiritual adultery causes many to stumble, fall in sin and away from the faith, and hurts many people, and it spreads to many… Because very few people understand it.

Stop trickin on God!

1 John 5:21
Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen

Don’t Get Your Head Blown Off

A Christian that constantly listens to secular music ministry to “hone their craft” or “help their ministry” is like a soldier that constantly keeps his head next to his enemies semi-automatic rifle to see how it sounds. It’s only a matter of time till your head is blown off, or you’ve joined the enemies camp. But you’ll think all the sudden you got “wiser.” (Genesis 3)

Then you’ll help everybody else get their head blown off too. Brains splattered everywhere. “Oops we all just fell in sin, I don’t know what happened…” Your head got blown off that’s what happened!

Repent with fruit (actions that prove you changed), and fall back in love with God. He can give you your head back.

#Beauty of Holiness
#God is Creative