3 Doctrines that JESUS HATES made CLEAR

3 Doctrines that Jesus Hates (from Revelations 2&3)

JEZEBEL SEDUCTION SELLS:::Doctrine of JEZEBEL: Seduction and Attraction into Idolatry
When a productive excellent Christian is not satisfied with the gifts and fruit that God has given them, and they collaborate with unbelievers to produce ministry (spiritual adultery, spiritual fornication). The spirit of Jezebel introduces idolatry into the Body of Christ (inspires people to eat food that has been sacrificed to idols.) This false worship is tolerated by weak leadership. It leads to false teaching by example, and the seductive example leads to natural adultery, divorce & remarriage, and natural fornication as well.
EXAMPLES: Tasha Cobb collaborating with Nicki Minaj, Fred Hammond with Snoop, Lecrae with Ty Dolla, Kirk Franklin with Kanye West, Farrakhan speaking at a Christian Church, Anyone using mixture, ungodly collaborations, compromise, seduction or success to enhance the gospel.
PUNISHMENTS: spiritual sickness, children killed with spiritual death (the so-called fruit of her ministry is lost to satan)
PROMISES to OVERCOMERS: Power over Nations (the power to speak the truth that changes nations), Shining Star, (powerful and pure influence without compromise).

BALAAMS DONKEY SPEAKS FOR GOD::: Doctrine of BALAAM: Wicked Employment and Trickery into Idolatry
When a true messenger of God is not content with God’s provision for his ministry, and he accepts employment by the enemies of God. The enemies of God allow him to keep his message pure, but the enemies of God use the messenger of God to trick God’s people into allowing the enemies to get them into fornication and idolatry. The messenger of God says all the right things, but gets paid to essentially trick God’s people into idolatry and fornication. God hates this so much he spoke thru a dumb donkey to stop Himself from killing Balaam (2 Peter 2:16).
EXAMPLES: Any singer or musician with a record deal instead of a ministry. Any producer or songwriter that produces or writes for an unGodly music company. Actors that go into Hollywood and work for the enemies of God. Anyone using their spiritual gifts as a prostitute instead of in sanctified Congregational ministry and Gospel Outreach.
PUNISHMENTS: Jesus will fight against you with the sword of His mouth. Preachers will preach against you.
REWARDS for OVERCOMERS: Hidden manna from Heaven, you will have revelation and illumination of the Word of God. Also, a new name (authority and intimacy) with God from God.

NIKE BEATS YOU BUT STILL LOSES:::: Doctrine of the NIKOLAITANS: Conquering God’s People into Corruption and Idolatry
Nikolaitains come from the same root word as the sports shoe company “Nike.” It means, to conquer, or win over against someone else. The doctrine of the Nikolaitains is a ministry that has the mentality of conquering people rather than sharing the truth and serving people. Since this spirit is not from Yehusha, it naturally leads to SORCERY and idolatry, as well as adultery & fornication.
EXAMPLES: The Roman Catholic Church, any Church that follows the example of the Roman Catholic church structure, Denominations that lead people into idolatry, division, and heresy. False apostles that beat people down and spiritually abuse them. False pastors that don’t care for the flock but are just building a bigger stage for their stage show. Political Christianity, you must honor the flag and vote & worship the empire, etc.
PUNISHMENTS: Jesus will fight against you with the sword of His mouth. Preachers will preach against you.
REWARDS for OVERCOMERS: Hidden manna from Heaven, you will have revelation and illumination of the Word of God. Also, a new name (authority and intimacy) with God from God.

Nobody has Excuses

God gave everyone a conscience. Some have a bible. Others have extra intelligence. Others have supernatural gifts.

One thing nobody has is excuses.

The wages of sin is death. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

hebrews like to work

Hebrews are some of the hardest working people on the planet. We’ve built nations, and built very successful families, houses, businesses, communities, and cities. 
All that jive turkey, hype, and lies about us wanting to stick it to the man, not wanting to have a job, not wanting to work, trying to pimp, sell drugs, get record deals, make it big whoring for Hollywood, get easy money, get government hand outs and welfare… 
These are all SORCERIES pushed through the rulers of government, the prison industry, and the entertainment industry to create the reality that they wanted for us. We are not what blaxploitation films and music industry say we are. We are workers and builders, in real life. We like to work. We like to build.

Repentance. Hell. Tithing. What are the Priorities of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ HIMSELF mentioned repentance 36 times in the new testament.

Jesus Christ HIMSELF mentioned hell 16 times in the new testament.

Jesus Christ HIMSELF mentioned tithing 1 time in the new testament.




– You don’t have to leave out anything biblical in your preaching and teaching, but if you are a follower of Jesus, you should emphasize and place PRIORITY on the same things that Jesus did.


 – Jesus’s ministry of preaching specific REPENTANCE was first priority, most important, and was WELL established before He even mentioned Hell. Jesus didn’t come to curse people to HELL. He made sure He told them when, why, and how to REPENT first, so they could AVOID hell.

 – Jesus did tell people not to stop TITHING, but He warned people about HELL way more than He warned them not to stop tithing.


BALANCE and PRIORITIES are key. If you follow the Holy Spirit He will guide your ministry in the love of God AND in the warnings of God.

TEST – show what’s inside you

TESTify – sharing what’s inside you
TESTimony – sharing what’s inside you concerning an event
conTEST – when someone competes or counters to see what’s inside you
proTEST – when you proactively share what’s inside you concerning something you don’t agree with
TEST – a process to show what’s inside you.
Whether it’s a testimony, a contest, a protest, or a test… All it does is prove what’s inside you.
Show God that what He put inside of you is still there!

God is the AVENGER of Fornication

God the AVENGER: Anytime you touch sexually, or fornicate with someone who is not your wife, you are defrauding (stealing) from your brother whose wife she actually is meant to be. The Lord is the Avenger of all who do these things.

Trust me God the AVENGER is someone you don’t want to see! You want Him to be the Avenger for you, but not against you!
1 Thessalonians 4:3-7

repentance is love

When I criticize a corrupt system or mindset, I speak for the Most High! If you think I’m talking about you, then I probably am. It’s Not my fault, it’s God’s Love and Mercy! If the shoe fits, Repent.🤷🏿‍♂️

You should not feel threatened when a Preacher preaches repentance, because God chastens those that He loves.

You should feel threatened when a Preacher STOPS preaching repentance, because that means God is giving you over to the sin that YOU love.

Innocent Blood is NOT Political

Innocent blood is not a political issue, its a spiritual issue. Its a demonic power source.  If you tackle these issues with a political agenda, your logic goes out the window and becomes nonsense. You are playing around with sorcerers. You are in a gunfight with a plastic butterknife.
Hence: todays American politics = illogical nonsense and sorcery on both sides. Believers beware of trying to save Babylon. Politically power hungry believers are foolish virgins, not wise. Babylon is fallen.

The Blood of Jesus speaks a BETTER WORD than the demonic innocent blood being shed by mans iniquity and violence. Jesus the Messiahs Blood brings forgiveness, healing, cleansing… and POWER over the enemy.

What is taking Yah’s Name in Vain?

Taking Yah’s name in vain is less about translation and spelling but more about reverence for His authority, and representing His character and His sanctification and His holiness in your life.

Those that carry His name are quick to denounce things that violate His name. Where are you taking His name?

“Be not deceived, bad company corrupts good morals.”



Taking the name of God in vain has do to with disrespect and dishonor from the HEART, not translation. It also has to do with doing evil things in His name that do not fit His character.

2 Samuel 12:14 Howbeit, because by this DEED thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to BLASPHEME, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.


King David pronounced YAHUAH’S name very well, but the adultery and murder in His heart and actions gave the opportunity for blasphemy of YAH. It’s not the translation or the pronunciation but our ACTIONS (DEEDS) that violate His Holy Name.

Dont invalidate someones mission with their mistake

First time Moses tried to defend his people, he did it with violence.
The next time, he did it with the Word of the Most High I AM.
The Gifts and Callings of God are without repentance. Just because someone starts with an error doesn’t mean their core mission is invalidated.