Christian Love Songs… but Christian SEX songs???

I’m not too into sex in marriage music… can’t say anything scriptural on it though. Song of Solomon has sexual love in it. But does that mean Christians need sex music? My wife and I don’t need it! Most sex music doesn’t glorify God… its for single folks to lust.

Think about this though: if a gospel artist had a sex-in-marriage song, could they perform it live in your bedroom?

No, because sex is between a man and his wife.

Could my wife and I put out a Christian sex-tape? But we’re married! Nope, some things are private.

So before musical recordings were invented, sex-in-marriage music wouldn’t even exist. So logically, it could not be done live, biblically. Even if Christian sex songs were biblical, you technically couldn’t even have a christian sex song before recording albums were invented, because all music was performed live. You’re sick if you want a 4 piece band and 2 singers in the room when you are having adventurous fun, perhaps making a child with your wife.

People have been “making love” for 6000 years… all without recorded music. If you want to use music in the bedroom you can use any song. A  jazz song, a worship song, a wedding song, a gospel rap album (been there, done that). We don’t need a new genre of Christian sex music.

However, Christian wedding music, celebrating a Godly covenant is not a problem. Music for a wedding is different from music for sex. It still should be glorifying to God and scripture based. Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding, and Jewish weddings had music and dancing.


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