obedience or nothing at all

Obedience or Nothing at all::: Only way to understand God’s Doctrine is to Do His Will.

Doctrine is not a game to play or an intellectual debate to win.
Kingdom Doctrine is about obedience, action & fruit.

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17

disobedient prophets in a holding pattern

No matter how many words God speaks to you, disobedience still keeps you in a holding pattern.

Disobedience is linked to a lack of love for people.

Jonah was stuck on a boat, stuck in the whale, stuck under the sun. Even while preaching the greatest messages his heart was still stuck in disobedience and a lack of love for people. He preached to them but didn’t really want them to turn back to God. He wanted them destroyed.

Moses was one of the greatest prophets, but at a certain point he chose to display his anger for the people and it distracted him from fully obeying God. From that point on he was stuck in the wilderness.

Elijah wanted to be alone and depressed instead of team up with the other 7000 that didn’t follow baal. So God had to give the rest of his ministry to others.

Lack of love for God (disobedience) and lack of love for people puts even the greatest prophets in a holding pattern. You’re preaching but you aren’t going anywhere.

God is not in a competition. He is on a sea of Glass.

God is not in a competition. God is on a sea so calm that it’s glass. He’s sitting on a throne. Jesus is not competing. Jesus is sitting down on a throne, waiting until His enemies are made the resting place for His feet. Our God is Holy and Set Apart. He is finished, He is Victorious, and that is why He Rests.
Make sure all your preaching declares who God actually is.

sorcerers vs prophets

Jesus Christ came to set us free from any curses that have been put upon us, including the greatest curse: the curse of the law of sin and death.
One of the characteristics of sorcery is that it seeks to control large groups of people with curses. Sorcery will group certain people together to curse them, but then try to “break up” the same group if that group starts to walk in the truth and blessings of God.

Another characteristic is that sorcerors will defend corrupt authority even if they are wrong. However, even as a child the prophet Samuel was instructed to speak God’s corrective judgement to his own adopted father.
The defining characteristic of sorcery is to value power and authority over truth. In contrast – prophets exalt God’s truth over all authority. For even God Himself exalts His Word above all His Name (Psalms 138).


YOU DONT HAVE IT ALL::: We know in PART, and we prophesy in PART. God will hide certain revelation from you just to see if you are humble enough to obey His voice when He speaks thru someone that doesn’t sound like you or is gifted differently than you are.

He also speaks certain revelations only thru your husband/boss/government authority, or elders – so that the rebellious are guaranteed to fail. He releases certain information only thru the young and inexperienced, and the weaker vessels, so that arrogant and disobedient authorities seal their own destruction.

Those that walk in pride He is able to abase. The arrogant and self-focused treat themselves to huge blind spots. Their fall will come soon. If we need God, then we also need each other.

Yah speaks to us thru other humans to weed out those that are too prideful to hear Him thru other humans.
Be Lowly.

Jesus told us what Good entertainment is

I can tell you the underlying themes of 95% of so-called good entertainment without even watching it:

– evil thoughts
– murders
– adultery
– fornication
– thefts
– false witness
– blasphemies

How do i know this? Think about your favorite book series, tv show, movie, albums… and then think about who wrote the script or the lyrics. Were they human? If they were human, then Jesus described what comes out of the hearts of humans:

19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: 20 these are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man. Matthew 15

The things in our heart are the things that entertain us. Jesus told us what sells in advance. He told us how to win in the entertainment game! No actually He instructed us to live set apart from it. If we don’t submit our hearts to God, we let evil from the hearts of men take over our minds. If we submit to God’s heart, we purify and cleanse our hearts with prayer, the Word, and the Spirit of holiness.

Wicked and LAZY Servants in our Communities

His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant… Matthew 25:26

This is why Jesus said “you wicked AND LAZY servant.”:

The real reason most people live wickedly is because it’s takes harder work and more planning and organization to do what’s right:

  • Study and get your work done or just have fun.
  • Get a job and work hard or scheme the system and sell legal & illegal drugs.
  • Make and market a real product or sign a coon-entertainment contract to curse your people for money.
  • Do real ministry (which is hard work), or sell yourself to brand false doctrine and cheap grace.

These are the decisions that shape our lives and our communities, and laziness is the common denominator. We focus on the wickedness, but really its the laziness (aka slow-moving, slothfulness) that drives the wickedness.

Self-Promotion Strife Demons vs Waiting on the LORD

You can’t walk in strife and wait on the Lord at the same time.
When you plan and plot to take what you think is yours with self-promotion instead of waiting on the Lord, you create a divisive and fractious spirit, and you release demons to get your own will done instead of waiting for God’s will to be done.
For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. James 3:16
Strife: Eritheia
electioneering or intriguing for office
apparently, in the NT a courting distinction, a desire to put one’s self forward, a partisan and fractious spirit which does not disdain low arts
partisanship, fractiousness

everything we have comes from heaven: envy is unnecessary

A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. John 3:27

Nobody has anything unless they got it from God. All our gifts, talents, abilities, and blessings come from God. Whether we pervert, or corrupt our talents or not, it came from God anyway.
Don’t be jealous of what others have, praise God for what others have, and bear consistent fruit with what YOU have. You will be rewarded for YOUR work, not for your fandom or for your envy of others’ work.

envy: zelos

excitement of mind, ardour, fervour of spirit

  1. zeal, ardour in embracing, pursuing, defending anything
    1. zeal in behalf of, for a person or thing
    2. the fierceness of indignation, punitive zeal
  2. an envious and contentious rivalry, jealousy

spiritual authority: EAT WHAT YOU LOVE!

You must take authority over any curses spoken over you, or any curses you have put into your soul by ungodly music you have listened to, or any curses in your family history – by speaking the WORD of GOD and by speaking LIFE- the opposite of the curses – with your mouth OUT LOUD. 
Deliverance is the children’s BREAD! Life and Death is in your Tongue, so EAT WHAT YOU WANT!