sorcerers vs prophets

Jesus Christ came to set us free from any curses that have been put upon us, including the greatest curse: the curse of the law of sin and death.
One of the characteristics of sorcery is that it seeks to control large groups of people with curses. Sorcery will group certain people together to curse them, but then try to “break up” the same group if that group starts to walk in the truth and blessings of God.

Another characteristic is that sorcerors will defend corrupt authority even if they are wrong. However, even as a child the prophet Samuel was instructed to speak God’s corrective judgement to his own adopted father.
The defining characteristic of sorcery is to value power and authority over truth. In contrast – prophets exalt God’s truth over all authority. For even God Himself exalts His Word above all His Name (Psalms 138).

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