YOU DONT HAVE IT ALL::: We know in PART, and we prophesy in PART. God will hide certain revelation from you just to see if you are humble enough to obey His voice when He speaks thru someone that doesn’t sound like you or is gifted differently than you are.

He also speaks certain revelations only thru your husband/boss/government authority, or elders – so that the rebellious are guaranteed to fail. He releases certain information only thru the young and inexperienced, and the weaker vessels, so that arrogant and disobedient authorities seal their own destruction.

Those that walk in pride He is able to abase. The arrogant and self-focused treat themselves to huge blind spots. Their fall will come soon. If we need God, then we also need each other.

Yah speaks to us thru other humans to weed out those that are too prideful to hear Him thru other humans.
Be Lowly.

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