#seekpurity – A Passion for Healing, Deliverance, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Holiness

A Passion for Healing, Deliverance, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Holiness

I’m so tired of seeing people follow spiritual trainwrecks that just haven’t crashed yet.😢

If you don’t even WANT full Healing, and you don’t even WANT total Deliverance, what makes you think you are going to hear :”Well done, good & faithful servant?”
You might hear: “Depart from me, I never knew you, you that worked your iniquity in with your righteousness.”

The same level you pushed your iniquity needs to be the same level you promote righteousness if you really repent. Don’t spread your evil on 10 then sneak off and do righteousness at a 2. That’s not repentance.

If you don’t forgive others for their sins against you, why do you think God will forgive you of your sins against Him? When He has actually said He will not, if you don’t. Do you really want to try Him and see if He was lying?

If you see Holiness as lame, extreme, irrelevant, and ineffective to your culture, then how do you plan to sneak your culture into the Heavenly city?

God cares for this generation.❤ He is cleaning up the spiritual messes from leaders who care more about fame, fortune, followers & fatherhood titles than FRUIT.

Matthew 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19:23 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Luke 13:23 Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them,
24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

Revelation 21:27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Stacking My Heavenly Account

See, the way my faith works, you don’t have to support me or even like me for me to stack up rewards.

I can focus on speaking the truth in love and lead by an example of servanthood.

I’m able to put all my faith in God’s rewards, seedtime, and harvest because I know that the Most High is more accurate than a corporate accountant.

It could be 18 years from now… if you make one good decision to do what’s right based on the truth I spoke or the example I lived – that heavenly reward goes into my account.

Everyone is valuable to me because I’m getting rewards off people I don’t even know.

I’m getting rewards off influencing people that don’t even know me or like me. As long as I live Holy and please God, I won’t lose anything!

All I have to do is glorify Jesus and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, in decency and in order.

I don’t need to compromise one bit. I don’t need to be cool, I don’t need to be popular.

My rewards are coming from the Most High who sees everything!

Luke 6:22 Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.
23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

Be a PeaceMaker not a peace keeper.

Be a PeaceMaker not a peace keeper.

Peace keepers establish common ground to be well-liked and pleasing to all. They fear losing relationships, so they don’t confront or cut off things that are harmful for everyone in the long-term.

PeaceMakers establish common ground in selfless love, with no strings attached. Since they have no separation anxiety, they can challenge, change, and separate from harmful things. This example eventually creates long-term peace for everyone who follows; including those that were unprotected or did not know any better.

Self-Care and Encouragement

Encourage Yourself in the Lord!

BUT let’s take care of our physical bodies too!

#deliveranceoverdepression #castyourcaresonGod

Go Backward to Move Forward

My heart hurts because I see so many Believers living frustrated lives because they are looking for Freedom; but trying to BYPASS the Truth that MAKES us free.

This doesn’t make sense and will leave you in failure and long term pain!

You will never make any progress past the last Truth that you rejected. This is not condemnation, its help!

You will always be bound until you continue in the Word that you were sent – whether it was given to you directly or through a messenger.

If you want your life to move FORWARD, first go BACKWARDS to the last TRUTH God gave you (whether you liked it or not), and OBEY it. Then you will be free and God will move you forward.

John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which BELIEVED on him, IF YE CONTINUE in my WORD, then are ye my disciples indeed;
32 And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.


Welcome to the Week of Clarity on Yashua Hamaschiach aka Jesus Christ. We will try to See Jesus More Clearly to Help Save Our Souls and Change Our Lives.

This Series is going to be 7 Days of Looking with Clarity at an Aspect of Jesus that is not commonly taught.

We know He is the Savior. We know He died on the Tree for our Sins. We know He’s a friend. We know He’s the Lamb that was Slain and Resurrected. We know He’s a Healer and Lord of the Sabbath. We know He’s the King and Bridegroom of the Church. We know He’s coming back soon to Judge the Earth.

All these things are altogether lovely and oh so wonderful… but let’s dig deeper into who He is. It’s not for condemnation, it’s nothing but glory to glory! Why? Because we are changed from the inside as we see Him for who He really is!

2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord

You can do this on your own or go through it with a group.  The process is easy. Each day click the link and do your own study and discussion on a new aspect of who Jesus is.


For Day 1 we are going to start off talking about Jesus the Carpenter and Builder. Many people do not understand what Jesus said when He told us to get the beams out of our eye before we get the mote out of our brothers’ eye.



For Day 2 we are going to discuss what Love is from the Perspective of Jesus. One of the biggest tasks of our generation is to redefine Love. Music and Movies have twisted up our understanding of what true love is. Jesus is the King of Love. Yet He has no toleration for rebellion against His Commandments.

One of the most unique things that Jesus ever said was: “Ye are my friendsif ye do whatsoever I command you.” John 14:6.

Have you ever had a friend with a standard like that? Jesus is that friend!



For Day 3 we are going to talk about Jesus the Shepherd of HIS Flock and the Surgeon of HIS Body. Shepherds can be healers that heal Sheep from “Church Hurt” that they suffer from grievous greedy wolves.

But sometimes the Shepherd’s Discipline can cause “Church Hurt” also. The Shepherd also engineers wise words that are sharper than nails and stick sheep when they are out of line.

Ecclesiastes 12:11 The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.

Jesus is that One Shepherd that designs the Rods with Sharp Nails for disciplining His sheep!



For Day 4 we are going to talk about Jesus who is the leader of His Brethren. Many people do not clearly understand what Jesus was talking about when He referred to “the least of these.”

Matthew 23:24 Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

Jesus sent prophets, wise men, and scribes. They are equivalent to the priests, kings and prophets of the Old Testament. Other words for them would be teachers, preachers, and apostles. Today we are going to look at the different types of Messengers Jesus sent to work together, and the REWARD that comes from receiving them.



For Day 5 we will talk about how offensive and bossy Jesus is. Jesus is a Rock of Offense. But it’s okay because He paid the cost to be the Boss!

This study is going to be pretty straightforward. Jesus is LORD (Ruler). If we don’t know His Offensiveness, we don’t really know Him at all!



For Day 6 we will discuss Jesus who Magnified the Law and Made it Honorable. Unfortunately there are many people who teach that every single law in the Old Testament was done away with because of the New Covenant. This is a grievously wrong error, and this iniquity of lawlessness is actually the foundation for the delusions of antiChrist.

Let’s see what Jesus thought about the Law of God, and the We will find out what the Scriptures mean when it said that Jesus came to Magnify the Law and Make it Honorable.



For our last day we will discuss Jesus the High Priest and the KING of the New Covenant. He is not just a paper tiger for Judaizers and Romanizers to use His Name to do their own will.

We cannot disregard His Ordinances and choose to follow the Ordinances of the Old covenants with Moses and Abraham. Neither can we disregard His Commandments and mix his faith with the idolatry of Greco-Roman Culture and Ancient Babylonian Religion.

Hypocrites are usually focused on pagan holidays and old covenant feasts… True obedient Saints are filled with the Holy Spirit and focused on obedience to Jesus the High Priest and KING of the New Covenant!

Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.


Bonus study for Day 7:



Thank you for joining the Week of Clarity on Jesus Christ. In conclusion let’s briefly look at the fact that Jesus is a Physical Man.

Jesus is the Son of Man! As a man, He is called the Son of David!

TELL THE GOOD NEWS WHILE YOU CAN because the time is coming soon when seeing the Son of MAN will be very BAD NEWS for all the tribes of the earth.

They will mourn when they see that He is not only 100% GOD but 100% a MAN from the Tribe of JUDAH – the people they despised.

He is the LION (King and Leader) of the Tribe of JUDAH – a HEBREW ISRAELITE tribe from the land of Canaan in AFRICA – the land of HAM.

When the tribes of the earth see His hair like wool and His feet like bronze (Revelation 1:14-15), it will be His MANhood that will cause them to mourn when His MANhood appears in glory and power.

Matthew 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of MAN in heaven: and THEN SHALL ALL THE TRIBES OF THE EARTH MOURN, and they shall see the Son of MAN coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

He is 100% GOD but He is also 100% MAN.

He is the only so-called “black” Messiah that can unify Scattered Israelites, AND He saves All Gentiles (red & yellow, black & white) who OBEY His Kingdom Gospel.

If you don’t want to be mourning when you see the Son of Man, make sure you know how to pass His judgement day test.


Days of Reckoning Coming for Evangelicals

Unfortunately most Protestants, Evangelicals, and Apologists haven’t fully left ROMANISM yet.

They deleted it from their “theology” (words) but not their praxeology (actions) which is why they despise the 10 Commandments and struggle with the Pure Teachings and Structural Ordinances of JESUS’S Kingdom.

We’ve had several hundred years to learn and obey the truth. We’ve even been given the Holy Ghost. The time is NOW to openly repent and return to Father God and the Rulership of His Son. There will be no excuses for this generation.

When you see fake Christian ministries exposed for their iniquity & sin it should make you stop emulating their $example and start keeping God’s Commandments🔟👑

Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Wise Leadership vs People-Pleasing

The bigger the Ship, the bigger the Shipwreck. Learn wise management skills early.

Wise leadership is not always in gathering and influencing, but in scattering evil and punishing the wicked.

Proverbs 20:26 A wise king scattereth the wicked, and bringeth the wheel over them.

People-pleasing, worldly-minded leadership doesn’t work in the Kingdom of God. God is much wiser than men.

Apostolic Order and the Power of the Holy Ghost

If you despise the power of the Holy, you won’t receive the power of the Spirit. You will end up with Witchcraft power.

If the Holy Spirit desires chaos & disorder, they why did Jesus train His Apostles on how to live His Kingdom, His Commandments, and His Ordinances, and then set them apart – before sending the Fire of the Holy Spirit?

Philip preached the gospel to an entire city in Acts 8. People saw miracles, were delivered, healed, baptized… but they did not receive the Holy Ghost until the Apostles came. Why is that?

Even after experiencing all the power of God and being baptized… Simon the Sorcerer still had gross iniquity hidden in his heart until it was confronted and uncovered by Peter.

Why did Simon the Sorcerer’s iniquity sneak past everyone except Simon Peter?

Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is Liberty. But there is also a Law of Liberty.

Spiritual Liberty is not in Lawlessness, but it flows from Yahushua’s Law.

Don’t settle for the superficial supernatural.

The Holy Spirit’s uncorrupted power flows beyond the surface of our hearts in an atmosphere of purity, truth, decency and Apostolic order.

No Fear: Natural Law TRUMPS AntiChrist Rebellion

It’s good not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices, but if you don’t ALSO develop an understanding and OBEDIENCE to the Creation Laws of the Most High, you’re just worrying too much.

Fear of man is not the way to safety in the last days. The fear of God is.

The laws of God have more authority than the “New World Order” and all the evil conspiracies that men can come up with.

The rulers of the earth can rebel all they want, but they CANNOT stop the DESIGN of the Most High!

Prepare for evil times by:

1. Connecting with God’s Creation: farming, water, sunlight.

2. Connecting to the Poor: Break off your iniquities by giving to the poor (Daniel 4:27, Luke 11:41).

3. Connecting with the Priesthood of New Covenant Believers: Submit yourself to an Assembly of Commandment Keeping Believers (Malachi 3:16, Ephesians 5:21).

If you are Prepping but you are not Connecting with God, Connecting with the Poor, and Connecting with New Covenant Believers… you are wasting your preparations.

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GOD’s Spiritual Law, Creation Law, and Financial Law combine to destroy Babylon’s System of Sin, Sickness, Sorcery, and Slavery. A 3-fold cord is not easily broken.

The Fall of Babylon is Just A Change in Regime!

The spirit of fear can only grip those that are disobedient. I know that the Most High will provide for me even if my farm doesn’t!

I love God’s Creation and agricultural wisdom just as much as anyone else… it’s very important to use any land that God has given you. However, Jesus Christ did not train His Disciples to make gardens, but to make disciples and build Assemblies!

Natural Law is more than just Agriculture. When you study the Scriptures you find that Natural Law is also Diligent Work, Saving, Tithing, Giving to the Poor, Natural Health, Natural Beauty, Family Fruitfulness, Family Order, and Seeking Justice and Judgement in Society… as well as Seed, Time and Harvest.

There are many ways to be OBEDIENT and BLESSED in a time of Judgement. When you understand YAH’s Law, your PREPARATION will be in every area of His Law! Repentance works best when it is full spectrum, natural and spiritual law!

Proverbs 11:4
Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.

When Destruction comes to Babylon, it’s simply a Regime Change! It’s simply just replacing the old king with a new King – King Jesus! Nothing to Fear! Don’t let anybody on the internet put fear in you if you are obeying YAH and fearing HIM!

YAH will keep me safe in the city or the country, or wherever He wants me to be, doing His Work! Period!

Let Babylon Fall. Come Quickly Lord Jesus!