Mother and Child Babylonian Nimrod Cults – they are all the same

Roman Catholicism, Egyptian Ma’at, Babylonian Baal worship… They are all the same false religion… And they’ve been duplicated all over the world. Come out of her my people! Repent and believe in the Messiah Yehusha! Neither Mary nor Isis nor Tammuz nor Ishtar (Easter) can save you from sin. Only the Blood sacrifice for sin, the Lamb slain from the foundations of the World. Don’t follow the authority of AntiChrist, follow the Commandments (authority)!of the Most High!

Mother and child religion all over the world

This describes how the Nimrod Babel cults spread to different languages and lands from Africa to Asia to Europe to America. It’s all the same lies started at Babel with Nimrod (Genesis 11)Mother and child idols all over the world

No matter what culture you go to, the idolatry is the same, because the same demons are behind it! This includes fake Christianity aka Roman Catholicism. Stay away from any so-called believers that are trying to come into “Unity” with the spirit of Antichrist and rebellion against God’s Commandments

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