Pride & Conceits (Ideas) vs Humility & Submission

Humility pushes prideful people away… It is what it is.

As a humble servant, you’ve gotta be ok with that!

It should be a part of your vision and plan to be lowly and be humble – with humble people.

As servants, we should get away from the competition of clever ideas, and be content with the simplicity of submission and obedience to God’s Commands and Ordinances.

If Jesus did not come to earth to establish a new kingdom, a new order, and a new and specific way to BUILD HIS CONGREGATION, then why did He spend all that time on earth training His disciples? He could have just died and rose in less than a week.

Yahushua came to demonstrate His Way. Our creativity is useless if we cannot fit it inside His Order.

HUMILITY is simply humbling yourself to OBEY YAH. Whenever you DOUBT God’s Word, you start believing in SELF; that’s PRIDE.🐍🍎

#submission #notmyideas #notmywill #notmyconceits #notmyfancies #notmycreativity

Romans 12:16 Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits.

A conceit is not pride, a conceit is a good idea that you learn how to take pride in.

Definition of conceit (Entry 1 of 2)
1a(1) : a result of mental activity : THOUGHT(2) : individual opinionb : favorable opinion
especially : excessive appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue
… the landlord’s conceit of his own superior knowledge …
— Adam Smith
2 : a fancy item or trifle
Conceits were fancy desserts, made either of sugar … or pastry.
— Francie Owen
3a : a fanciful idea
b : an elaborate or strained metaphor
The poem abounds in metaphysical conceits.
c : use or presence of such conceits in poetry
d : an organizing theme or concept
… found his conceit for the film early …
— Peter Wilkinson
… the historian’s conceit that the past is forever prologue

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