the devil’s main weapon against you is your silence

the devils main weapon against you is your silence. as long as he can keep your mouth shut, any devil demon bully rapist or oppressor can do anything they want to you and make you think it’s your fault. never stop telling your testimony, never stop fighting with the cleansing blood of the lamb, and never stop sacrificing your life to obey God. you have all the power, they don’t. Rev 12:11

And its never too late to detonate your testimony of truth on the devil… God is the referee and there is infinite instant replay.

Every Man is the Pastor of His Family

Every man is the Pastor of his family, Teaching and Feeding, Guiding to green pastures, and killing Wolves.

Wisdom: children and disciples

Wisdom is not proven by your money, fame, power, or current status,  but by your Long Term Results: do your children and your disciples stay faithful to God long term, living pure in the truth, and bearing fruit for God consistently?

Matt 11 Wisdom is justified by her children.
Also google 3rd John 1 and John 15

13 Year Old Businessman Get Shutdown by Local Regulators

Now this is something that I usually would post on my facebook page or twitter… not on this blog – but this is just so powerful.

This is an amazing story – how the fascism of the right and the socialism of the left combine to destroy a young entreprenur who’s using his liberty and creativity. But if he wanted to get his “girlfriend” pregnant, they would have given him some free condoms and an abortion scholarship.

This is a living parable – a sign and a wonder on the destruction of America.

This really touches me because I was that kid that always came up with little businesses.

We really need to pray that the Spirit of Liberty would come back to our land.

Wisdom Will Laugh


It hurts to see people suffer for rejecting God’s Wisdom. But we’ve all learned lessons the hard way.

Sometimes the things we can’t learn with humility and by listening, we have to learn thru punishment and pain.

Always Teach & Pray, Help those suffering even if it’s their own stiff neck that put them in that place.

For all who tuneout and reject WISDOM: when your day of judgement and calamity comes, I will have compassion on you, pray for you, and help you the best I can…..

But Wisdom won’t.

WISDOM – She will laugh at you!

She’ll be like, “LOL! What happened to you? HA HAAA that’s what you get for doing what you wanted instead of humbling yourself and listening to me.”

Proverbs 1

24 “Because I called out to you and you refused to respond— I appealed, but no one paid attention—

25 because you neglected all my advice and did not want my correction,

26 I WILL LAUGH at your calamity. I WILL MOCK when what you fear comes,

27 when what you dread comes like a storm, and your calamity comes on like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you.



Muddy Waters?????

Like a muddy spring of water or a dirty corrupted well, thats what happens when a righteous man gives up, backs down, compromises, or gives ground to the wicked. Proverbs 25:26

Never give up your purity or pollute your righteous influence by allowing men with wicked techniques and influences to gain ground or advantage. Dont compromise.


The power of your Testimony + faith in the Blood of Jesus, + life sacrificing Obedience will easily defeat ANY accusation or oppression of the devil. No matter who or what tool he uses. Rev 12:11. But you have to use ALL 3, NOT 2.

Corruption, Violence, Righteousness, Wisdom

Lesson on Genesis 6
Mass Corruption leads to Mass violence. Mass violence leads to Gods judgement.
Righteous men that avoid corruption and violence get blessed with the Spirit of wisdom to create an ark for their families.

Are you avoiding the corruption in this wicked generation? What spiritual “ark” is the Lord giving you wisdom to build?

Colorado massacre

after we finish praying for the victims of the latest massacre, let’s make a commitment not to be entertained by the things that we don’t want to see in real life. the next time a violent movie or video game comes out where you are entertained by seeing people killed purposelessly – say ” I won’t support that.” Then get a gun to protect your family from crazy people. Sane people have to protect themselves from crazy people.

Liars listen to Lies

“when a ruler listens to lies, all his servants become wicked” “a wicked doer gives heed to false lips; a liar gives ear to a naughty tongue.” PR 17

What you listen to affects you! When you choose to “go along” with a lie, or choose to ignore your integrity and believe or agree with something that you know in your heart is not true – it corrupts your soul, and there are consequences for you, not just the liar. If you listen to a liar you become a liar.