Your Place in HIStory is Settled

The victory is already won! We have overcome the accuser by the blood of the LAMB, the WORDS of our TESTIMONY, and by our life sacrificing OBEDIENCE. Its too late for the devil:-) its too late for the Accuser. Its too late for the liar!

You have to realize that the devil is nothing more than a very talented actor in comparison to Christ Jesus. Jesus is Lord of all reality. The devil has already failed. The accuser and all of his messengers are already failures. Their job is to convince you that they have the power prestige and pleasure to get you to follow them.

If you follow the steps of overcoming, as seen in revelations 12:11, you can enforce the victory of Jesus Christ and completely ignore the voice of the accuser.

Your calling and your place in HISTory is settled – you just have to walk out your reality in Christ and ignore the devils fake reality show.


The power of your Testimony + faith in the Blood of Jesus, + life sacrificing Obedience will easily defeat ANY accusation or oppression of the devil. No matter who or what tool he uses. Rev 12:11. But you have to use ALL 3, NOT 2.