THE AFTERLIFE IS NOT A HUSTLE. The hustle is people that read scriptures like this:
Psalm 146:7
“The Lord executes judgement for the oppressed: which gives food to the hungry. The Lord looses the prisoners.”
And then proceed to teach with their ministries and with their lives that God:
– DOESNT care about the oppressed – they mock and dismiss the oppressed,
– He DOESNT handout food to the hungry, and
– He DOESNT care about injustice in the prison system – He wants to keep prisoners in prison for free labor.
THOSE PEOPLE ARE THE HUSTLERS AND LIARS! They care so much about keeping the political status quo flowing that they completely ignore the Bible.

It’s Easy to Complain – Hard to REIGN

It’s easy to complain about injustice and what you don’t have. It’s hard to work hard, save your money and make good character-based decisions over long periods of time.

The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Nobodies going to give you anything that you don’t have the strength to take. You can Complain or you can Reign. Your choice.


Everything a believer does is with spiritual authority, whether it’s

  • preaching against evil or
  • taking authority in the spiritual realm or
  • walking upright in the natural side of things.

It’s all one battle that we win.

Nonbelievers walk in darkness they know how to complain but they don’t know how to win.

Equal Opportunity Preachers of Repentance

You can’t be a respector of persons and speak for God at the same time. Everybody has to be held accountable for their sins. We have to be Equal Opportunity repentance preachers.

If you only preach against the sins of one group, your eyes are clouded and you have respect of persons. I enjoy preaching against Babylon and the system of Western oppression just as much as I enjoy confronting the Scattered Tribes of Israel for rejecting the Holy Ghost and walking in iniquity and sin.

We all need JESUS. Everybody has a right to repent!

billboards for repentance 

We expect to be billboards of Gods grace and power and influence and excellence but we don’t want to be billboards for His humility or His suffering or His cross or repentance. In the kingdom of God, showing humility is powerful and effective leadership.

The world has seen so many hypocrites that use religion to sell that they are better than others, but lack authentic proof that they have been changed from the inside.

If Christ has truly changed us from the inside, we should have no problem lowering ourselves and repenting and growing in grace when we do wrong.

Sins that are broadcasted publicly should be repented from publicly, because they affect others… IF you love other people, then you care about how you may have affected others.
Yes we have the mercy that covers our past but let’s show proof of the grace that changes our future.


False doctrine says: “I make mistakes but I don’t have to repent or change because of grace!”
Truth says: “If I make public mistakes i repent publicly, walk in humility and get more grace to do Gods will from here on out.”
Grace is not an excuse to sin, Grace is the power to do the works of God in the beauty of holiness.

why the bible is harsh on false ministries 

A few reasons the Bible is so harsh on false prophets/false teachers/false apostles:

– Ministry is service, it’s very simple. Serve God. Serve people. It’s not for the prideful, it’s for the humble.

– The bible is written in black & white ink, it’s easy to read. Many people have given their lives to record scriptures for us. You can read scriptures out loud or find somebody who can. Therefore, if you make something up its totally all your fault. You didn’t have to.

– If you want inspiration from God, just pray. If you ask for a fish, He WON’T give you a serpent. Therefore if you minister something from a compromising or wicked spirit rather than the Holy Spirit it’s because you didn’t ask God and you didn’t pray about it.

– Therefore, if you choose to publicly teach something that’s off – you can expect public correction. Ministry is simple, but eternal souls lie in the balance. It should be super-easy to take correction and adjust yourself. You should embrace correction, actually – for the benefit of you and the people you serve.

– If you reject that correction, it proves not only that you have evil inside your heart, (because you took simple truth and twisted it into something false) but it also proves that you are prideful, hard-hearted and care more about yourself than others.

The bible also explains that most times the motive of those that suppress the truth is the desire to keep money flowing at a certain rate. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, especially in ministry.

This is why the bible is harsh on false ministries. Because any honest Christian that is free from the love of money can keep it simple, easily find the truth, easily spend time in prayer, and humbly minister the truth in the Holy Spirit.

And you must be prepared to change if you hear or see correction, regardless of how it impacts your cash flow or organizational/ denominational affiliation. There is no excuse for anything less.

False doctrine says: “I make mistakes but I don’t have to repent or change because of grace!”

Truth says: “If I make public mistakes i repent publicly, walk in humility and get more grace to do Gods will more perfectly from here on out.”

One thing I know is that if you teach the Bible and you twist it, you will surely regret it.

There are people doing real work for the Lord all over the world. Literally in villages serving and preaching to orphans, lepers, and widows.

We sit here in the Western Empire with our wealth and our political and entertainment ministries and we dare twist God’s Word and teach AGAINST His Very Own Commandments?

Judgements will be the most harsh in the places where you least expect it.

If you think God’s Word is extreme wait until you see how extreme the punishments will be on those that teach His Word falsely when they have received years and years worth of opportunities to repent and take His Commandments seriously.

James 3:1 My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the GREATER CONDEMNATION.

How to Get Eyes like Flames of Fire

So many believers have spiritual eyes that adjust to the darkness around them. But when you begin to see the Lord, and actively connect with the living God, and the light comes from the inside of you, you begin to have spiritual eyes that shine like flashlights in the spirit. 
You begin to see things like Jesus sees them. Jesus who has eyes like flames of fire. The eyes of the LORD do much more than just take in the level of light from their surroundings. The eyes of the Lord SHINE OUT light as well. As we grow in the Lord we begin to be more like Him. 
Holiness is super easy when you SEE what HE SEES. It’s not about rules and regulations it’s all based on LOVE and VISION. Love for the One you have seen, and love for who you see. 


Hirelings Flee instead of Protect

As long as the wolf is attacking, the Shepherd is protecting. If the wolf keeps on attacking but we get tired, stop protecting and start fleeing, then we have the heart of a hireling instead of the heart of the Chief Shepherd.  

So many in the body of Christ don’t say what God wants to say or teach what God wants them to teach because they would rather get HIRED. They want safe ministry money. Lets come away from the Hirelings and follow the true shepherds of the Lord’s flock.
Read John 10


If you can’t choose JESUS NOW, it will be HARDER later

– The love of money is the root of all evil.
– The majority of the sin and evil that sends people to hell is either: for money OR under the influence of those that have money.
– The Anti-Christ will control who can buy or sell in his economic system. He will be the most powerful and influential person the world has ever seen.
– The Entertainment industry will not be LESS powerful in deception under the antichrist, the singers and artists and movies will be MORE powerful in deception and seduction.
– Political candidates  and Government programs will not be LESS powerful and well funded in the time of the antichrist, they will be MORE powerful in deception and well funded.
– The advertising and the banking industry will not be LESS powerful in deception and seduction in the antichrist system, they will be MORE powerfully deceptive and seductive.
– The antichrist Will do much more than cause you to make less money, you won’t be able to buy or sell at ALL in his system. Will you find an alternative way to eat and feed your family or will you join his system? What you are doing NOW is a clue.
– If you cannot CHOOSE JESUS over the lightweight deceptions of today, what makes you think you will choose Jesus when the systems of this world are under the power of the antichrist?
– There will be plenty of fake pastors and false prophets telling you that compromise to get ahead is OK – just like they are doing now. If you believe the lie now, what makes you think you will be free from the lie then when its 10 times stronger?
-If you got drunk off Obama’s LGBT Hope and Change… And you are sipping Beyonce’s Lemonade now… What make’s you think you will resist antichrist Koolade? You stay
kool now – but you’ll go against the grain then? How?
– If you can’t repent now, what makes you think you’ll be able to repent when the demons get a stronger hold on your mind, and the world is colder and darker? WAKE UP to RIGHTEOUSNESS!


Heart Attack: Take Your Heart Back!

With all the heart attacks going on we have to realize that Jesus said in the last days men’s hearts shall fail for fear.
Protect your heart in several ways:
– Eat Healthier (Fruits/Veg/Beans/Nuts/Roots and Whole Grains as an 80% majority)

– Doing physical work or working out or playing a sport so you can sleep better

– Get Rid of Stress due to usury & debt-slavery (Downsize your bills.) Mammon is a cruel and ruthless master.

– Sleep all night long

– Rest on the Sabbath (God made it FOR YOU)

– Fast Weekly (increases grace, deliverance, and health)

– Pray Daily (pour out your heart to God)

-Speak the Word of God in Faith and Authority
Take your heart back by giving it to God!