Heart Attack: Take Your Heart Back!

With all the heart attacks going on we have to realize that Jesus said in the last days men’s hearts shall fail for fear.
Protect your heart in several ways:
– Eat Healthier (Fruits/Veg/Beans/Nuts/Roots and Whole Grains as an 80% majority)

– Doing physical work or working out or playing a sport so you can sleep better

– Get Rid of Stress due to usury & debt-slavery (Downsize your bills.) Mammon is a cruel and ruthless master.

– Sleep all night long

– Rest on the Sabbath (God made it FOR YOU)

– Fast Weekly (increases grace, deliverance, and health)

– Pray Daily (pour out your heart to God)

-Speak the Word of God in Faith and Authority
Take your heart back by giving it to God!

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