Stop Listening to Scared Preachers

A prophet is known not only by his boldness to face God’s presence, but his boldness to face God’s enemies.

We have a lot of preachers nowadays that love to beat down on the people but won’t hold anyone else in society accountable with their words and messages. These are intimidated and non-spirit filled phony preachers.

Any preacher or teacher that loves to beat you down but is scared to preach the appropriate message of repentance for the other groups… you need to stop listening to them.
Any preacher that tells you about everyone else’s sin but won’t tell you how to stop your own sin, stop listening to them too. Times are too serious to tolerate Partiality, Flattery OR the Fear of man!
Both John the Baptist (preparing for the Kingdom) and Jesus (bringing the Kingdom) had the exact same message of REPENTANCE. They preached a general repentance from all sin, but they also had specific forms of action-based repentance for religious authorities, for regular people, for politicians, and for police.
TO THE PRIESTS: You snakes need to bring the REAL fruits of repentance and stop claiming authority from your spiritual father, because God is bringing an axe to all ministries that lack the fruits of Repentance!
TO THE PEOPLE: be generous and share with each other.
TO THE PUBLICANS (POLITICIANS): stop trying to get extra tax money.
TO THE SOLDIERS (POLICE): 1. Stop Doing Violence. 2. Stop Accusing People Falsely. 3. Be content with your wages (stop trying to get extra money from the people).
Cowardly preachers avoid sin and produce violent streets. Spiritually violent preachers confront sin and produce peaceful streets.

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