Homage: your favorite Jezebel Christian rapper gives homage to demonic artists

This is what your favorite Jezebel Christian rapper is doing when he pays homage and gives glory to the demonic artist that he looks up to for inspiration (infuses his demonic spirit into his own):

special honor or respect shown publicly.
“they paid homage to the local boy who became president”
synonyms: respect, honor, reverence, worship, obeisance, admiration, esteem, adulation, acclaim; More
formal public acknowledgment of feudal allegiance.
“a man doing homage to his personal lord”

Are you Mad about the Satanic Temple in Detroit?

How are you mad at a Satanic temple… but you aren’t mad at adultery, divorce, homosexuality, false worship, ungodly children, Greek idolatry, music industry idolatry, money idolatry among leadership in GOD’s temple?

Doesn’t judgement begin in the house of God?

A lot of times we don’t want to fight our sin, but then we want to fight against the punishment for our sin.

Its already too late to stop the seeds that you have sown from growing up, you might as well repent, uproot, and rebuild your SELF and start trying to sow better seeds of obedience. When our obedience is fulfilled, that’s when he will be able to revenge all disobedience.

God’s laws are descriptive not just prescriptive

Many of God’s laws and wise instructions are not only prescriptive but descriptive. It’s not just trying to tell you what to do, it’s God describing to you how his creation is designed to work.

You can shout Grace Grace all day, but if you jump off that cliff the law of gravity is going to mess your life up. Many of God’s laws of wisdom work exactly the same way. You cannot disrespect the instructions of your Creator and expect not to have any consequences. Obedience maximizes your potential.

The Good news is that the mercy of God can save us, and the grace of God makes us eager to learn His ways. It doesn’t give us confidence to ignore His ways.

Read Psalms 19

INCONSISTENT culture warriors

So… Let me get this straight: the people that , invest, strategically plan, and employ an army of talent to kill, weaken families, and profit off of minorities through the abortion industry need to be stopped. Protested! Culture Warred!

BUT when those same people invest billions into the entertainment INDUSTRY or the prison INDUSTRY for the exact same purpose, they get a free pass.

Just keep beating up the customers. Can you say Inconsistent? Culture War Hypocrisy?

Let’s be consistent. Let’s fight for truth from every angle. Let’s not fight one culture battle by engaging the leaders and fight the other culture battle by beating down the customers.

No matter how bold or loud you are, inconsistency and hypocrisy makes you weak. Truth, Purity and Righteousness are the forces of strength that outlast the winds and waves of humanity.

Jesus is Timeless and He Inhabits Eternity

Jesus is timeless, so seeking Him encompasses equal elements of historical research, present obedience, and future faith and vision. Jesus is omnipresent and He inhabits eternity: past, present, and future. He is the Alpha and the Omega, Beginning and the End, Everlasting.

There is NO balance between pride and humility.

There is NO balance between pride and humility. Its either/or. It’s a binary position, it’s either on or off, one or zero. You are either lowly or high-minded. PRIDE is the mother of iniquity. Whatever area you are prideful in is the area where Satan will enter into your mind and try destroy your life through iniquity.

God’s law is a higher power and lawyers, police, and judges

There is a higher power that keeps record of the things that lawyers, police, and judges cannot enforce. It’s called the law of Sowing and Reaping aka Seed, Time, and Harvest.

The judgment of God is two sided

What most fail to understand about the judgment of God, is that it is always two sided. Those that have done wrong get a penalty or a punishment. Those that have done right get a reward or a settlement.

God’s judgment is guaranteed to fall periodically, just make sure you’re on the right side of it!

Excellence or PRIDE?

Biblically, “excellence” is having an abundance. Abundance of resources, abundance of spiritual power, abundance of talent, etc that allows you to “excel” or “go beyond”.

However, when you seek to exclude or exalt yourself over others that have less “abundance” than you do… It’s not the pursuit of “excellence,” it’s the promotion of “PRIDE” and superiority.

Read James 2 and Read Matthew 25:14-30 and 1 Timothy 6:17 and Romans 12:16