We Need Real Messengers not Mass Media Chasers

We need more messengers burning with the burden of the Lord and less hirelings chasing religious and cultural fame.

Those that gaze upon the Son of God not the masses or the hypocrites that the masses love.

I Cancel the Spirit of Abortion

40 years after Roe vs Wade, I declare to priests, kings, and princes: the Spirit of abortion is broken in our generation. We will no longer abort our lives, our marriages, our babies, our families, our callings, our ministries, our purpose in Gods Kingdom. LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!

Stop Trying to Outsmart God with New Models but no New Obedience

God is not looking for the strong – He’s looking for the weak so He can show Himself strong.

If you knew how important and precious and critical Gods new wine was to this generation, you would help build the new wineskins that God is orchestrating in this generation.

What if we knew that 1 soul died eternally for every day we chose not to die temporarily?

What if we saw a new soul in hell every time we took the easy and successful way instead of obedience to the reproach and cross of Christ?

God is sending voices in the wilderness, men are choosing parrots in golden religious cages.

God has 1 purpose for new wineskins – to serve new wine in them.
Why use new models and methods but reject new revelation?

God is not mocked!

Matthew 10:41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet‘s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.

Influence vs Obedience

God will test you to see if you value influence over obedience…

If you do – you fail the test and you lose your spiritual lamp until you pass the test. You may keep your influence before man but your light from God is lost until you value Him higher.

Wicked Doctors – Dumb Doctrine

“My doctor has so much love- he didn’t even tell me I had cancer, or where it was, and he’s so compassionate, he refused to cut it out while it was still small… so much love and grace. At my funeral”

– This is a parable about how people twist Gods character as if He is okay with contagious sin in the name of love and grace.

Political Syncretism – Most Savage of All

Political Syncretism is just as bad as voodoo or kkk “Christianity”- it just looks more civilized on the outside. It’s actually more savage.

Voodoo artists kills chickens and pigs. Liberals kill millions of human babies.

Ku Klux Klansmen lynch individuals and burn crosses.
Conservative Nationalists kill millions in wars and burn buildings.

Independent thinking and the law of Liberty is Gods way of escape from politically religious savagery.

Worship and Warfare

When God has decided that He will have a people that worship Him – He also gets famous for the plagues He puts on the pharaohs and nations that attempt to stop Him.