Apostolic Order and the Power of the Holy Ghost

If you despise the power of the Holy, you won’t receive the power of the Spirit. You will end up with Witchcraft power.

If the Holy Spirit desires chaos & disorder, they why did Jesus train His Apostles on how to live His Kingdom, His Commandments, and His Ordinances, and then set them apart – before sending the Fire of the Holy Spirit?

Philip preached the gospel to an entire city in Acts 8. People saw miracles, were delivered, healed, baptized… but they did not receive the Holy Ghost until the Apostles came. Why is that?

Even after experiencing all the power of God and being baptized… Simon the Sorcerer still had gross iniquity hidden in his heart until it was confronted and uncovered by Peter.

Why did Simon the Sorcerer’s iniquity sneak past everyone except Simon Peter?

Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is Liberty. But there is also a Law of Liberty.

Spiritual Liberty is not in Lawlessness, but it flows from Yahushua’s Law.

Don’t settle for the superficial supernatural.

The Holy Spirit’s uncorrupted power flows beyond the surface of our hearts in an atmosphere of purity, truth, decency and Apostolic order.

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