No Fear: Natural Law TRUMPS AntiChrist Rebellion

It’s good not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices, but if you don’t ALSO develop an understanding and OBEDIENCE to the Creation Laws of the Most High, you’re just worrying too much.

Fear of man is not the way to safety in the last days. The fear of God is.

The laws of God have more authority than the “New World Order” and all the evil conspiracies that men can come up with.

The rulers of the earth can rebel all they want, but they CANNOT stop the DESIGN of the Most High!

Prepare for evil times by:

1. Connecting with God’s Creation: farming, water, sunlight.

2. Connecting to the Poor: Break off your iniquities by giving to the poor (Daniel 4:27, Luke 11:41).

3. Connecting with the Priesthood of New Covenant Believers: Submit yourself to an Assembly of Commandment Keeping Believers (Malachi 3:16, Ephesians 5:21).

If you are Prepping but you are not Connecting with God, Connecting with the Poor, and Connecting with New Covenant Believers… you are wasting your preparations.

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GOD’s Spiritual Law, Creation Law, and Financial Law combine to destroy Babylon’s System of Sin, Sickness, Sorcery, and Slavery. A 3-fold cord is not easily broken.

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