It’s starting to annoy me that we are so individualistic in our American mentalities that we can look at basketball (which is a total TEAM game, more of a team sport than any other sport in the world) and STILL see it as a one-on-one sport.
In baseball you have one person at a time hitting, one at a time catching. In football offense is totally divided from defense, and 1 person (quarterback) executes the offense. In basketball everyone scores, everyone defends, everyone makes decisions. It’s a total team game where the whole team is MUCH greater than the sum of the parts…but all I hear is debates about is who is the greatest individual scorer?
Could this hyper-individualized mentality be the reason why we are ineffective and divided as the body of Christ? Because we idolize the individual when it’s actually the whole that makes teams more effective?
This Babylon American entertainment culture has impacted our worship. We idolize the stage performance and the “most comely” talented gifts that shine, but we neglect the teamwork of the Body that has been commanded by the HEAD Christ. Teamwork is neglected because all we care about is who scored the most, and who took the last shot, and who is the greatest!
Luke 22:24 And there was also a strife among them, which of them should be accounted the greatest.
In a TEAM sport, the best TEAM wins, not the individual.  Christ is the HEAD. We are the TEAM.

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