“Working” Iniquity

Advertising, Marketing and Selling is “work” that people pay good money for. 
Christians that are constantly advertising and promoting “workers” of iniquity are becoming “workers” of iniquity themselves. 
The Lord will say to them: “Depart from me, I never knew you, you that work iniquity” 
Jesus is NOT a liar. That’s EXACTLY what He will say. I tell you today so you won’t be surprised when it actually happens.
The workers of iniquity make iniquity their work. They “work” at spreading iniquity. That’s why Jesus will tell them to depart from Him. 
Even if they prayed the prayer and preached Jesus and did great works in His name. If you also purposefully spread iniquity, you become a “worker” of iniquity.
#entertainmentindustry #brandinghypocrites #marketingprostitutes

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