Deliverance without Obedience is DANGEROUSX7.

Deliverance without obedience is dangerousx7. 
This basically means that when God delivers you from a demon and then you refuse to follow up by filling your soul with obedience to the truth, the demonic force can come back stronger and your heart will be harder to deal with.
We emphasize deliverance, God emphasizes discipleship.

We emphasize miracles, God emphasizes obedience.

We emphasize power, God emphasizes love.
YES we walk in power.

YES we cast out demons.

YES we heal in Jesus name.

But Jesus said rejoice NOT that demons are subject to you in my name, rejoice that your name is WRITTEN in the Book of Life. 
Why? Because when you rejoice in the right things, your heart goes to the right place. 

Thankfulness, Humility, Listening, Obedience, Love, Servanthood… Becoming like Jesus!

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