YOU ARE IN THE REAL MOVIE “NOAH PART 2”, BUT WHAT IS YOUR ROLE???? – King, Lame, or Calamity??? ::: A generation that desires “sex without children” and “money without work”, is one generation away from complete failure and destruction. Pleasure and Benefits without Commitments and Covenants is THE ISSUE of today. Noah’s generation’s earth was destroyed by water. This next one similar to Noah will be destroyed by fire. However, Gods deliverance will come thru people that reject those “Lame” ideas.

Both Noah AND his wife were children of two different men named “Lamech.” Lamech means reason driven by emotion rather than emotion driven by reason. Noah’s wifes father wanted 2 wives for pleasure, Noah’s father wanted “rest” production without work. Their deviations for pleasure and laziness led to violence which multiplied exponentially until the earth was filled with violence.

Noah came out of that chaos, discipled His sons to work and build the ark in the presence of the mockers, and his family was delivered by obedience to God.

There’s so much to teach on this and meanings to unpack, and it goes so much deeper, but since this is just a blog and not church, I’ll leave you with this question – Are you a spiritual King or a spiritual Lame? That will determine whether you are part of the Deliverance or the Calamity.

Noah was the Only one that Built the Boat

Noah probably wasn’t the only one that knew that God was bringing judgement, but he was the only one that built the boat.

Corruption, Violence, Righteousness, Wisdom

Lesson on Genesis 6
Mass Corruption leads to Mass violence. Mass violence leads to Gods judgement.
Righteous men that avoid corruption and violence get blessed with the Spirit of wisdom to create an ark for their families.

Are you avoiding the corruption in this wicked generation? What spiritual “ark” is the Lord giving you wisdom to build?