3 Different Types of Church Hurt

The Most High has used me to heal, mend, deliver, and set free a number of people that have experienced #churchhurt.
Nothing that I say or do is meant to trivialize the attacks of a wolf-pack on one of God’s precious lambs.
I speak in a spirit of healing, correction, and repentance.
Sometimes the Shepherd can hurt you too, with His Shepherd’s rod getting you back into the flock.

JESUS is the Shepherd in charge of disciplining His Sheep.

Sometimes the Surgeon can cut you, but the Surgeon’s sharp tool is cutting something harmful out of you.
JESUS is the Surgeon that won’t tolerate cancerous growths that destroy His Body.
That’s 3 DIFFERENT types of #ChurchHurt:
– The Wolf hurts you for his own gain.
– The Shepherd hurts you to get you back into righteousness and godly fellowship.
– The Surgeon hurts you to cut a harmful cancer out of your body.
BE WISE ENOUGH to discern between the good hurt and the bad hurt!

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