Wicked and LAZY Servants in our Communities

His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant… Matthew 25:26

This is why Jesus said “you wicked AND LAZY servant.”:

The real reason most people live wickedly is because it’s takes harder work and more planning and organization to do what’s right:

  • Study and get your work done or just have fun.
  • Get a job and work hard or scheme the system and sell legal & illegal drugs.
  • Make and market a real product or sign a coon-entertainment contract to curse your people for money.
  • Do real ministry (which is hard work), or sell yourself to brand false doctrine and cheap grace.

These are the decisions that shape our lives and our communities, and laziness is the common denominator. We focus on the wickedness, but really its the laziness (aka slow-moving, slothfulness) that drives the wickedness.

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