disobedient prophets in a holding pattern

No matter how many words God speaks to you, disobedience still keeps you in a holding pattern.

Disobedience is linked to a lack of love for people.

Jonah was stuck on a boat, stuck in the whale, stuck under the sun. Even while preaching the greatest messages his heart was still stuck in disobedience and a lack of love for people. He preached to them but didn’t really want them to turn back to God. He wanted them destroyed.

Moses was one of the greatest prophets, but at a certain point he chose to display his anger for the people and it distracted him from fully obeying God. From that point on he was stuck in the wilderness.

Elijah wanted to be alone and depressed instead of team up with the other 7000 that didn’t follow baal. So God had to give the rest of his ministry to others.

Lack of love for God (disobedience) and lack of love for people puts even the greatest prophets in a holding pattern. You’re preaching but you aren’t going anywhere.

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