BLAME WHO YOU WANT – BUT YOUR HEART IS BEING TESTED::: “Black” people have been being murdered by government authority in America for over 400 years. The only difference now is its on TV and phone video instead of hanging on trees. Its the same principle. Display the curse because you enjoy the curse, and you want the cursed to know they are cursed, and you want to keep the curse going. “Cursed is he who hangeth on a tree.” But Jesus Christ set us FREE from the curse of the law!
That’s why i never watch or share any police murder videos anymore. When other people get murdered its not entertainment, its not promoted. Why do they promote us being murdered?
Back in 2012 after the Trayvon Martin case I said that these types of murders being promoted was a test… to see how the Body of Christ RESPONDS. Do we respond with care and compassion and scriptural authority… or anger/rioting or apathy/racism/self-hate/not caring, blaming innocent victims for their own death?
In 2013 I said the media had started promoting these cases to drive the next election a certain way. I still believe that, though I no longer care about the election. There’s nothing but judgement coming either way.
The problem stays the same… its our RESPONSE that has to change. Our response has to be with biblical authority and compassion. Sometimes God uses satan to test us and see what’s in us. So whether you blame racism or the media God is testing what’s in your heart.
Open up your bible, and spend some time in prayer to fill your heart up. I hope God finds love, compassion, and authoritative scriptural truth in your heart. What’s in your heart?

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