Identity Inferiority is NOT Godly Integrity

Submitting to your employer is normal, biblical, and right. All it takes is humility and character.

Submitting to the laws of God-given government is good, and normal and righteous. All it takes is humility and character.

Racial” Inferiority and Self-Hatred is not a form of humility. It is false humility, and a form of sorcery that is disrespectful to the Creator. Every ethnicity was created in the image of Elohim.

Having an inferiority complex, and submitting to being considered a second-class human is not normal, nor is it righteous or good.

It goes against our very human nature, being made in the image of God. Identity Inferiority is false humility, and it’s not good character.

We are created to have dignity and respect and we are created with a heart yearning to be all that God created us to be.

Don’t agree with the devil, agree with GOD! Satisfaction with psychological subjugation is abnormal. Self-hatred is NOT NORMAL.

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