We decided to Catch Up With JayBrian… and He decided to Start the PROTEST 1 month early!!!

Jay_Brian_picWe decided to Catch Up With JayBrian… and He decided to Start the PROTEST 1 month early!!!

eSoSa: What have you been up to since you moved to Texas?

JayBrian: I moved to Texas September 2011! Really, I wanted to focus on my family, and becoming a Godly, well rounded man. So, I’ve been WORKING really hard as a provider!!!

I didn’t grow up with my father in the home so I made a lot of bad decisions in my ignorance. My father and I have a great relationship now, in fact he has helped me tremendously in my adult life! It was really important to me to please God with this glorious responsibility of being a Provider, Protector, & Priest! Lol!

I didn’t have the best examples, but I had the Holy Spirit, and being led to move to Texas I have been SUPER Blessed by some Strong Godly examples in the area of family. I didn’t comprehend that my prayers would be hindered if I didn’t properly deal with my wife according to knowledge as a co-heir in Christ! 2 Peter 3:7 continues to change me daily!

I’m being taught to properly COVER my wife as Christ covers me, and what a covering really is according to 1 Corinthians 11. Those are just a few points to mention. You know we hear ALL the time that “the home is the first ministry” but in retrospect we’re never taught it! And very seldom do we see it…

So as I was thoroughly taught and begin to study to change me, I realized what REALLY brings God Glory… Family/Families being produced and functioning the way GOD created them to function. 1 man & 1 woman becoming 1 in the image of Christ, Husband is to wife as Christ is to HIS church, The Bride of Christ! Eph. 5:25 I’ve learned what it means to NOT entice my children. Eph. 6:4 but to bring them up in discipline… You know!

Quality time is not being physically there, but mentally or emotionally somewhere else! All we hear now, equally from men and women is that they’ve been called to “minister” or to the nations but often if not the majority of time it’s the home front that never gets the ministry! 1 Tim 3:5 is very clear in that you don’t belong in ministry if you can’t manage your home… First!!! We chalk it up to the facts of life when we hear about family issues or children acting out… Because it’s the “mand uve gawd” (that people low key worship) we don’t resort to the bible for instruction!

What is a youth pastor? It’s not biblical… And I was one, for 2 years (I did a terrible job might I add) Lol. These kids need their PARENTS!!!!! The word of God means nothing if the parents don’t live it, the authority of God means nothing if the father is absent! Scripture states to the parents to train “your” child in the word! Of course I’m not against all youthful activities though. The only biblical youth pastor other than a parent is a youth that is a pastor! Timothy was a youth!

[esosa – we realize that some children are fatherless and/or have unbelieving parents and that some pastor-teachers are called to help God be a father to the fatherless]

This world has done a fantastic job at warping our perspective as it relates to this life. The reason behind it is we’re raised to be either double minded “you know church ain’t everything” or out of balance Christians ” we can be constantly entertained by anything, except God!” Not according to Psalms 1 or 2 Corinthians 6.

I’m not saying that adults can’t dine in places that serve alcohol or going to the movies is the devil! It’s about balance!

Christians are to rely on the fruits of the Spirit and discern in everyday life! These kids will never get this if it’s not modeled by the parents in fear of The Lord!

So the curse ended with me as far as my lineage/legacy! Me and my wife are living by faith together raising our children of 3, she is at home I’m at work, I Believe God is pleased!

My Protest is against men and especially women who leave their homes to pursue some type of calling by “god” (little g on purpose) and forsake their homes, husbands, wives, and super-especially the children which God said is HIS heritage in Psalms 127.

Parents be youth pastors… Men become husbands and fathers obedient to The Lord… Women become wives and mothers submitted to your husband, which is obedience to The Lord so that the Word won’t be reviled!

eSoSa:One of the reasons we had to have you do the first protest concert is because you were actually in the dream where God showed us the protest in the last chapter of the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL. When did your “Protest” start and how do you describe it?

JayBrian: My protest began when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I didn’t quite understand everything neither did I immediately take action! I was a young adult in my early twenties, I was raised Christian but I matured to a believer! The difference, doing what I was told vs. doing what I believed.. Now I have my own convictions.

I started reading the bible for myself and depending on God to give me understanding. Boy o’ boy was I in for an awakening! I’ve been in church my whole life not knowing what it meant to “be the church.”

Let’s say I was Jermaine Dollar and I needed change you can say the bible was the coin machine!!! I instantly noticed that religion was a disease that had life ending side effects. The bible isn’t some source of power to manipulate or control humans that are lost, broken, hurt, confused, abandoned, and abused!

Remember this: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth… B.I.B.L.E haha! The word of God is Life for the Believer the perfect guide for salvation and the faithless! In Psalms 119:11 David expressed what should be the sentiments of every Christian. We should not want to sin!

The bible warns of a great delusion in 2 Thessalonians, so we will have people who just won’t get it, but I’m believing for the ones who really want the God given Truth! I just want people to read the BIBLE!

My Protest is against ignorant Christians who continue to believe men over God, against leaders who carelessly miss handle something as sharp as the Word of God! I admonish them to wake up, stop chasing dreams and live what the bible instructs, as children of light in this dark ending world!

No wonder our children are falling away at record breaking percentages, no wonder “holy” men are continuously in the news for scandals and such, no wonder we’re turning to reality tv and all other mediums for exposure/platform, our (so-called) leaders are the main ones embracing the worlds idols!

We share stages, church buildings, we write movies together, we go on tour, I mean we are literally what the bible would call prostituting everything even ourselves.

Now there’s this teaching that has resurfaced made popular by reformers – teaching there’s no sacred/secular divide!

WHAT? Let me remind believers that JESUS taught us in John 15:18 that “The World Hates You!” Then in verse 20 HE reminded us “the servant is not greater than the master”!

We are commissioned to win the lost, not the world system that hates us! “We” can’t save something that was never intended to be saved.

People will be drawn by lifting up Jesus, not culture, art, numbers, and certainly not man!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the spiritual ambitious bunch, look for/pray for the men whose leadership modeled that of Paul, Peter, John, and the like!

Paul called himself the chiefest sinner, became a slave to righteousness and the pure gospel…

Peter denied Jesus, and by the grace of God wrote great instruction on false teachers and our call to be Holy(separated).

John who lived in the “wild” engaged culture with no problem – in fact he confronted the “king” about his adulterous lifestyle.

You see bro we carry truth boldly, not passively, and in this day we have to be willing to lose everything even life just as our predecessors in the faith did!

One of my favorite scriptures is John 5:44: How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

eSoSa: I love that scripture too! One thing I get from it is that Jesus basically said “we can’t believe” if we’re trying to get honor from men. That’s a faith issue! So our “world changing faith” becomes useless if we accept honor from men instead of God. That’s part of the reason we believe for revival and for the harvest but we don’t see fruit that remains because we are trying to get honor from men, not God. So when it comes time to preach what God says, we are too busy thinking “this won’t get me honor, money, awards, respect, speaking engagements, recommendations from men.” What were some of your main takeaways from the book Killing Idols for Revival?

JayBrian: Honestly bro… TRUTH! Plus, I truly appreciate your diligence in teaching on how business within the kingdom is to be handled by scripture! Oh, one more… That awful spirit of Jezebel that aggressively hinders our men today! Killing Idols for Revival is a must read! Blessings to you and your family!


“Living in a foolish world I am not a foolish man, I lost all of my foolish pride

Father of a baby girl gotta show her what a man is, also a father of 2 boys

Gotta show’em what the fear of God really means I’m a husband to 1 wife

Proven to this world what the God family really looks like”

-from “Man After Gods Heart” written by Jay Brian

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JayBrian is coming back to his hometown on May 11 at The PROTEST!

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Justin Rizzo – A Levite in the House of Prayer

Justin Rizzo – A Levite in the House of Prayer

justin-rizzoJustin Rizzo is one of my favorite worship leaders… His songs have such a heavy priestly anointing, he reminds me of a literal old testament priest that uses the New Covenant Blood of Jesus to wash God’s people clean! The grace that God has given him to make songs out of new testament scriptures as well as scriptures all over the Bible is a huge blessing to the Body of Christ. Let’s find out more about what drives J.Rizzo to worship the Lord:

eSoSa: How did you get started working at IHOP kc?

J. Rizzo: Around the time of my high school graduation, my dad showed me a brochure for a six-month program (the One Thing Internship) with other young people at IHOP-KC. At his suggestion, I applied and was accepted. I knew virtually nothing about the house of prayer and had no idea what I was walking into. I didn’t even really know that there was a 24/7 prayer room.

About two months into my internship, the Lord really began revealing Himself to me. It was then that I realized that there was a grave disconnect in my heart from who the Bible said that God is and what I was actually experiencing of Him. This started me on a journey of discovering Him that I now know will never end. As the word says, it truly is the glory of man now and forever to search out the depths of the riches of the glory of our God.

My calling includes worship leading, teaching, singing, and songwriting, but I never want to lose sight of the fact that my primary mandate is to minister before the Lord. My heart’s cry is like that of David when he said, “One thing have I desired of the Lord, to gaze upon Him and to inquire in His temple” (Psalm 27:4). My greatest desire is to see Jesus come back to the Earth and establish His throne in Jerusalem. I long for the day when He will be the worldwide obsession of every single person on Earth and have supremacy in all things (Colossians 1). My desire is to help send a clear call to this generation that we must wake up from our slumber and prepare the way of the Lord.

eSoSa: What would you say is an example that looks like in real life… waking up and preparing the way?

J. Rizzo: The practical way to walk this out would be first and foremost having a schedule that you seek to follow. When you don’t follow it or get off track you don’t get depressed and stop, you simply get back up and try again the next day. Most of us are busy, we have jobs, families, etc. But we must prioritize a secret life with the Lord (Mt 6) where we making drawing away with Him our first priority of the day. I know from personal experience that if I don’t prioritize this and schedule it in… many times weeks and even months will go by and I realize, “Wow, I haven’t had quality time with Jesus in a long time!” Even if you’re in ministry it’s so easy to simply DO things for Him and not really spend quality time TALKING to Him in the secret place. We cannot be a mouthpiece and a voice in preaching or song declaring things about someone we don’t really KNOW intimately.

eSoSa: What is your favorite theme to sing about? 

J.Rizzo: It depends on the season I’m in 🙂 But right now I would say the Epistles, Philippians has been my favorite to sing through. There is such rich theology and understanding that Paul had and singing through this book has been amazing. For example, Philippians talks a lot about joy. It’s mentioned over thirty times, which seems strange because Paul is writing while sitting in a Roman prison. Clearly his joy was not based on his circumstances. I don’t know about you, but I am very affected by my circumstances. Whether due to internal or external things, I find that I can be joyful or sorrowful, happy or sad from one moment to the next.

But thank God that He has given us a glorious invitation to find the superior joy and pleasure of knowing Him, which can carry us through any storm or trial we may face. This is what Paul tapped into.

So how can we find this joy and live in it continually? First, we can purpose to control every other source of joy in our lives. As Christians, we’re called to be in the world but not of it and therefore we have to be careful not to let our emotions be brought under the power of other things. This may sound super negative, but I don’t think it is. I’m not saying it’s wrong to be joyful about things other than God, but if I begin finding my primary source of joy coming from lesser things in my life, even permissible ones, then I need to rearrange things until He becomes the main source of my joy.

I’ve found fasting to be a great way to speed up the process of finding my true source of joy in Him. Another of Paul’s keys to remaining joyful in prison was to meditate on Christ. We can’t rejoice in the Lord without thinking about Him. Finally, Paul tells us to thank God for all that He’s given us.

I also enjoy singing about heaven, and the restoration of the earth when Jesus returns. Thinking about a real man ruling this earth from his throne in Jerusalem and no more crying, tears, or pain is one of my favorite themes to sing about.

eSoSa: Songs about heaven are AWESOME! They make me want to prepare the way for Jesus to return so we can experience Him in fullness! What are your feelings on the spirit of Elijah restoring all things before the return of Jesus… and do you ever sing on that particular theme? 

J.Rizzo: I have sung on it a little bit before. The spirit of Elijah is a vast subject with a lot to it and many facets. But the part of it that’s struck me the most has been Malachi 4:5-6 mostly because I’ve experienced it first hand and seen it many times in recent years, which I believe is a clear sign of the times. “Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of children to the fathers.”

I’ve had this experience within my own family and also seen it in many others. Just the other day I heard a testimony about a father who repented to his son after many years of bitterness and having a hard heart. This is stunning and is a huge testimony of the hour in which we live. I believe that the coming revival will be sustained much by families dwelling together with other families in unity and it’s in that place that God will command a great blessing.

Of course the spirit of Elijah has a first advent and second advent reality and the amount of restoration before Jesus returns will be vast!

eSoSa: So that first advent is obviously John the Baptist right? But what about the 2nd advent of the Spirit of Elijah? Will it just be the two witnesses in Revelations, or do you think it’s going to have a wider application for the Church overall?

J.Rizzo: Oh man, you’re pushing me for an answer here 🙂 I on purpose dodged the question. I think it’s a topic that many have different opinions on, but yes… I think Elijah will literally come before Jesus’ second coming. I think he very well might be one of the two witnesses in Revelation (but of course I’m not sure!-)

Two reasons for me thinking this is it says the witnesses will have power to shut heaven so no rain falls – this is what Elijah did in Old Testament. Also, two prophets in the Old Testament who had confrontations with an evil king, Elijah being one of them.

How that applies to us today I think is – yes, walking in the spirit and power of Elijah. Doing signs and wonders, casting out demons, etc. Preparing the way for the Lords second coming, in the same way that John the Baptist, walking in the spirit of Elijah, prepared the way for his first coming.

I will say that I am not an expert on this topic, so hopefully what I said (from my limited understanding) makes some sense : )

eSoSa: How do you develop your songs? 

J.Rizzo: Song writing for me takes on different forms. Because I’m singing at IHOPKC 12-15 hours a week, many times  songs will spontaneously come on stage and then I’ll write the rest of the song off stage. Other times I will write an entire song off stage. No matter what way you mighttechnically write a song… my opinion is that songwriters must have a deep life rooted in the Word. I believe that people can write songs, even good songs, but if we actually have a history in the bible around a certain theme or verse I believe that makes the song so much more powerful.

eSoSa: Describe a day in the life of a missionary working at IHOP KC? 

J.Rizzo: Some of my daily activities include worship leading, teaching, singing, and songwriting, but I never want to lose sight of the fact that my primary mandate is to minister before the Lord. My heart’s cry is like that of David when he said, “One thing have I desired of the Lord, to gaze upon Him and to inquire in His temple” (Psalm 27:4). So along with my activities of ministry and outreach much of my time is spent sitting before the Lord in study, meditation, and intercession. I also spend a lot of time pastoring my worship team (about 20 people). We minister together six times a week and spend about 15-17 hours together.

eSoSa: Who takes care of the natural side of your ministry work, like office work, fundraising, rehearsal spaces, or even putting out your albums?

Rizzo_FaithfulJ.Rizzo: Everyone on staff with IHOPKC, from our director all the way down, raises their own support. As full time staff we have the responsibility to support raise, administrate our e-mail updates, stay connected with and develop our own personal partners. I actually schedule our practice facility for our sixteen primary worship teams. The sound department keeps it up and running. As far as our music we have a record label called Forerunner Music with a studio that we record it. For independent projects we are on our own to fund it, record it, distribute it, etc.

eSoSa: On May 11 you will not only be leading a live worship set, but also doing a special “for singers and musicians only” workshop. What can people expect, and has God given you anything specific for Detroit yet?

J.Rizzo: This session will be an interactive time where I will be sharing about the power of singers and musicians in this day and hour. I believe that two worship movements are being raised up, one that focuses on the glory of Jesus but another that is self-centered worship of self which will eventually lead to worship of the antichrist. Revelation chapter 13 mentions worship of the antichrist five times. This is something we must pay attention to and as singers and musicians in this day and hour see the glory of what we’ve been called to.

Come worship the Lord with Justin Rizzo at The PROTEST. Singers and Musicians stay tuned for more details about the “For Singers and Musicians Only” Workshop.

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JWILMUSIC: Giving an ULTRASOUND to a Generation

Ultrasound Cover

JWILMUSIC Speaks on Ultrasound, His Future Daughter, Sound Doctrine, and The PROTEST

eSoSa: When I heard your album Ultrasound I was amazed because the themes were so similar to the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL. You hadn’t read the book and I didn’t even know you were doing an album… I just happened to come to your release party. But you talk about the strategies of the devil… You talk about laboring for the vision and success in God’s eyes not the worlds.. You talk about creativity and originality in music… You talk about not being a copycat and partnering with unholy artists and producers… You talk about the Spirit of AntiChrist and false prophets… You talk about having faith in Jesus Christ for who He really is… You even talk about abortion and birth control! You talk about visions and dreams, and as a matter of fact the whole album is set up as a dream! It’s almost like Ultrasound is a Killing Idols for REVIVAL soundtrack. Was that a surprise to you too when you read the book?

JWILMUSIC: It was a surprise for me because honestly I feel like at times that I’m just somewhere randomly in my own world with the ideas the Lord either gives me or allows me to have. And because I didn’t purposely approach the album as a dream until it was completed. In reading the book it has been great to see that God is dealing with you guys concerning these same issues.

These issues may come off to some as simplistic, but, it’s amazing how sometimes the simple things are the most important. Things like Godly success, abortion, & being original.

eSoSa: Why did you entitle the project UltraSound?

JWILMUSIC: I titled the album Ultrasound because an Ultrasound to me represents manifestation of Faith. When you get an Ultrasound it reveals somethings. The particular Ultrasound that I was thinking of was one that reveals a pregnancy. When a woman gets that Ultrasound, it confirms that something is on its way.

With my wife and I still trusting in the Lord for children 6 yrs (5 at the time of the album) into our marriage, an Ultrasound will represent the manifestation of the faith we have had. Also our first daughters name is Faith. I say “is” on purpose and not will be because the bible says that God knows us before the womb so she already is known by God.

So I decided the name the album Faith for Faith translated Ultrasound. My sister Lauren texted me one day and it simply said Faith for Faith and that’s where it all started

eSoSa: Oh I get it, so faith is the UltraSound of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, like Hebrews say… That’s really deep because it’s not only important to see a vision of faith, but it’s important to vocally speak the “Sound” words of faith right? And in and Ultrasound the image comes from “Sound” waves. What a perfect seque into my next question – Talk about your new project – Sound Doctrine

JWILMUSIC: The next album (Sound Doctrine) is about getting back to the teachings of the Bible. These days everybody wants to appeal to the people by being charming in both preaching and music. This album is really an attempt to say let’s stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just use it for what it was created to do.

This album is about giving people the Word of God in a sound fashion and not using gimmicks or tricks to make it cool or acceptable. This album is saying here is the Word and if the Word isn’t good enough it’s all I have to offer.

sound doctrine cover eSoSa: Wow that’s pretty strong, and it’s definitely needed. What are some of the scriptures that you cover in the album?

JWILMUSIC: Scriptures covered include; Proverbs 3:5, Matthew 24, Proverbs 12:24, Proverbs 26:14, Genesis chapters 3, 4 are covered, Romans 8, Matthew 25:14-30, and Philippians chapter 2. For chapters, I talk about the topics in the chapters… It doesn’t mean that I quoted the entire chapter.

eSoSa: What has been the response to the first video from Sound Doctrine?

JWILMUSIC: The response to the #DeathToLaziness video has been great thus far. I really can’t complain at all. I’m proud of the finished product of the song and video.

eSoSa: What advice do you have the up-and-coming music ministers about originality and creativity?

JWILMUSIC: That’s a great question. I would say that first they must realize that being original isn’t always easy.


If they accept that fact it will make them stronger from the get go.

Also that being original in Christ isn’t about self-expression of the flesh. A lot of times when you hear people talk about being different or original, it’s usually an attempt to be super radical whether it’s how they dress or the things they talk about. I believe we have to be careful with this because if you allow your flesh to run wild it will do damage.

Being original in Christ is about accepting who he created you to be and not turning yourself into something different to gain popularity and fans.

eSoSa: That’s good wisdom… what do you say to people that you mentor who might be tempted to gain popularity and fans rather than be original in Christ, because they want to reach more people for Christ? That’s when it gets tough, because it’s easy to justify something sinful if it is perceived to be effective to the unspiritual eye.

JWILMUSIC: When I’m giving advice about these types of things I try to get a feel for the person I’m talking to, to determine my approach. Everyone doesn’t respond to things the same. I’m going to be upfront and honest about the issue no matter what but I try to think about what my role in the situation may be. For instance, maybe I’m just planting a seed that someone else will come along and water. With that being said, I may not try to cover everything in one conversation. My best approach has been to tell the truth (by finding scriptures) and see what happens from there.

eSoSa: What advice do you have two young up-and-coming music ministers about holiness and staying away from ungodly covenants?

JWILMUSIC: My biggest advice on this one is to remain humble. I believe that so much of sin comes from pride. When you become a successful artist sometimes people will put you on a throne and if you allow yourself to get caught up you will start missing the mark on keeping yourself in check. My journey as an artist has been one of peaks and valleys and some of those valleys were caused by pride. Pride is like amnesia, it makes you forget who you are and where you came from. That’s why I don’t chase fame. I am chasing meekness.

eSoSa: Amen to that! And eventually, the meek will inherit the earth with Jesus Christ!-) So what do you have to say to people who are coming to The PROTEST on May 11th? What can they expect to see from JWILMUSIC?

JWILMUSIC: On May 11th the people can expect everything I got!! Rap, Poetry, & Praise & Worship for Jesus Christ Only!

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For those of you that don’t know, we have released a new version of Killing Idols for REVIVAL – version 2.0, the Spirit of Elijah Edition. It has a new chapter called “The Protest” and an extra chapter on the Fruits of Repentance.


We are celebrating with a release concert called THE PROTEST: DETROIT on May 11, 2013 featuring Justin Rizzo, Jay Brian, Spoken Life Project, and Jay Wil.


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Justin Rizzo is coming from IHOP-KC, Minister Jay Brian from Texas, J Wil Music, and Spoken Life Chicago will share powerful spoken words inspired by themes from the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL. JESUS is Coming Soon to Reign as King, BUT don’t get it twisted – The Spirit of Elijah Comes First – to Restore All Things!!!!

This is not an Alternative, this is an Antidote. There are No easy shortcuts for our generation or our cities, so if you try one you are wasting your time.

The Spirit of Elijah Kills Idols, turns Hearts to the Father God our Creator, and joins with the Tabernacle of David to help us obey and worship Jesus Christ, Transform a Generation and hasten the Return of The King of the Universe – Jesus Christ.