Spoken Life Project – True Voices to Our Generation!

eSoSa: When did spoken life project start?

Itohan: Spoken Life Project is a Gospel-centered performing arts ministry, known primarily for spoken word poetry, founded January 2009. Our primary goal is to use our art and lives to make Jesus Christ known. We also actively encourage, train, and disciple other artists in the body.

eS0Sa: Where all have you traveled to do your spoken word?

Itohan: We have traveled all over the country. Every coast/ region. And we hope to travel more internationally in the near future. We are asked to come speak at anything from open mic poetry nights to church openings, youth conferences, concerts, private events, and teachings/workshops. We also spend time purposely going to venues to share the Gospel where it is not commonly heard.

eSoSaWhat is your most memorable time of ministry?

Itohan: For me, the most memorable time of ministry was 2009 and 2010. Particularly the Spring and Summer season of both. The Lord was really challenging us to think outside of ourselves and expose more of ourselves than I think we had ever planned to. Both by sharing our testimonies through poetry so that God can get praise and glory through our lives, and by serving, traveling, and speaking as much as the Holy Spirit gave us strength to serve. We were really passionate about reaching the lost and building up the bride. There were specific shows that left us completely broken. The sweet presence of the Lord, that was felt and made visible through the hearts responding to the Gospel, could not be explained. And to see God use yourself, in all your brokenness for His glory, and then have hours on the road or on a plane to reflect on it was amazing.

eSoSa: How do you describe the art of spoken word?

Itohan: Spoken word is performance poetry. It is poetry that is purposeful and entertaining. I believe it also has some sort of message, and it is best MEMORIZED!!

eSoSa: What type of new things are you into right now?

Itohan: I think right now teaching and training others is a big part of what we are doing now. Also, partnering with other ministries and building community. We believe in uniting with others on the foundation of the Gospel. That means alliances with a variety of artists, churches, ministries, labels, etc. We want to see the bride united and thriving. So that God will be glorified through our love and Him and each other. There are also a lot of solo projects in the works, videos, albums, books, and blogs.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for Spoken Life Project, and Tru Voices Chicago! Its time to change our generation!

See Spoken Life Project at The PROTEST – http://theprotestdetroit.eventbrite.com

Check this event on facebook.


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