My opinion on the “Disobedient Cowards” Panel Comments on Holy Hip Hop

My opinion is the panelists were right, they just didn’t see clearly enough to show HOW they were right.

The bible says “If a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants are wicked.”

Unfortunately, leadership by example in “holy hip hop” is corrupted and following after the world… and that has painted the whole movement as “disobedient cowards.” Unfortunately, the majority of holy hip hop is scared to stand against the world and against the disobedient cowards that are leading the body of Christ into the world.

The genre is not evil, but people that follow corrupt leadership within the genre are. Some people that stand against corrupt leadership have kept themselves from evil. However, they are the minority, so to the panelists who don’t see the minority, it’s all evil.

They were correct in their assessment of the overall state of holy hip hop or reformed rap or gospel rap.

So the panelists were actually accurate… but just didn’t have the insight to know exactly why they were accurate. Probably because they are not intimately familiar with what they were asked about.

There’s a such thing as being right by perspective and wrong by logic. Sometimes a prophetically gifted person can get it right with his gift, but not yet have all the scriptures and logic together correctly to prove why he’s accurate.

I don’t they should recant their opinions… I think they should dig a little deeper to find out more why this issue is so strong on the heart of God for the next generation.

I wrote the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL to bring the scriptures, prophetic perspective, and real life experience together on this topic among many others. I highly recommend reading Killing Idols for REVIVAL.