Q: How do you believe that Christianity was in Africa but believe Hebrews weren’t??

A: That’s a great question… The standard response from people who refuse to believe in the Israelite Awakening among so-called “black” people is that “it’s a cult.” Then they try to display some research about how Christianity was in Africa well before slavery and colonialism, which is totally true.

The main reason they can believe that Christianity was in Africa but Hebrews weren’t in Africa (which makes no sense, because Hebrews spread Christianity, and Christianity is a Hebrew based faith) is because of ignorance, brainwashing, and self-hatred. As Scattered Israelites our ethnicity has been hidden from us. We have not had access to true history.

Above all, we have been brainwashed into accepting our identity as a color or “race” within the Babylon system instead of having a Scriptural ethnicity, or nation of families. This leads to a permanent “less than” status that leads to self-hatred. All of this had led us into being a scattered nation of people who can believe everything in the Bible except our historical and prophetic identity. 

When I say self-hatred I’m talking about the people who will refuse to research the Scriptures about the ethnicity that God made them to be, but choose to embrace the “we are lucky to be the slaves that came to America/were conquered by the West to get Christianized and civilized” false narrative.

As more and more Scriptural light & historical truth comes out on this topic, I believe many Scattered Israelites will be awakened to the reality of why slavery and colonialism really happened, and how they fit into God’s plan for the end-times return of Jesus the Messiah.

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