Q: Can we have a discussion about forgiveness (from the Christian worldview)?
– Is forgiving forgetting?
– Is forgiveness ignoring wrong?
– Does forgiveness require closure/healing from wrong doing or is it a choice that you commit to out of duty regardless?
A: Forgiving is a Spiritual Discipline, I believe it must be done as a choice. Jesus even instructed that asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness should be in the middle of our prayers (Matthew 6, Mark 11).

For another Scripture reference, check out in Matthew 18 when Jesus instructed His Apostles to forgive 70&7 (per day). To me that suggests that forgiveness is a choice to verbally and thoughtfully overlook, and give mercy for the sins of someone else against you.

So basically everytime the thought of what someone did to you comes to your head, you respond with “I forgive that sin.”

I don’t believe that forgiveness is forgetting, nor does it mean ignoring God’s justice or turning a blind eye to the laws of sowing and reaping which He is in charge of.

Forgiving is disconnecting yourself from the sins of others and giving them mercy, verbally and mentally. It’s choosing not to take personal retribution.

It can lead to closure, but not necessarily 2-way closure. It definitely heals and brings closure to the person that does it.

Yes it’s okay to forget, but forgiveness is the first priority. Even if you remember, you can still forgive again!

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