VATICAN: the Source for the Fake Wokes

VATICAN: the Source for the Fake Wokes

It’s so sad to me that so many of the so-called “woke” crowd, YouTube Israelites, and fake bible scholars will promote fake bible translations and extra-biblical Apocryphal books because they come from the “codex VATICANUS” or the “codex SINAIticus” which are two of the most deceptive tools of the Vatican.

I mean, the deception is right inside the names😥 How do you know Scriptures but you don’t know the main characters in Prophetic Scripture and the tools they use to deceive all nations?

When people claim to be WOKE but are still filled with a spirit of REBELLION – they are ASLEEP to Righteousness.

The spirit of rebellion COMES WITH confusion.
When your heart is humble and SUBMITTED, your mind’s INTEGRITY will resist deception.


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