Young Believer: Don’t Fall for the Church Sorcery Game

Young Believer I done seen a lot in my 40 years on the face of this stationary earth… let me put you up on some church sorcery game.

Ever since the POPE – when people don’t read the bible fully, they are intimidated by Scriptures they don’t understand.

They used to say “Don’t read the bible just trust the Pope.”

Then Bibles started being printed everywhere so it changed to “Just go pay for this Pope-approved Seminary” school.

But now Concordances are everywhere and historical knowledge is accessible everywhere.

So nowadays, “focus on Christ” and “focus on the gospel” is the mental trickery they use to throw you off the Truth when you start to discover the lies they teach about the Bible.

If they were really “focused on Christ” they wouldn’t be intimidated by ANY Scriptural doctrines because – He has magnified His Word above His name.

If they were really “focused on Christ” they wouldn’t attempt to eliminate ANY doctrine in the Scriptures because Jesus IS THE WORD.

Yes you do need to focus on Christ. He is the King of the New Covenant.

But focusing on Christ is focusing on the WHOLE Word AND Rightly Dividing it instead of hiding the Truth or suppressing the Truth.

Focusing on Christ is also obeying His Commandments and the Ten Commandments of His Father.

Here are a few Questions you can ask them:

How is neglecting any section or topic in Scripture “focusing on Christ”?

Did you “focus on Christ” during the last election year?

How exactly do you “focus on Christ’s” responsibility to heal the brokenhearted, heal the sick, give to the poor, and deliver the oppressed in captivity?

God’s Commandments keep us holy. How are you “focused on Christ” without holiness – if no man will SEE the Lord without holiness?

Are you really “defending the faith” or are you defending your fear of what you have not studied or searched out?

To the Entertainers and Debaters and Content Creators:
How are you “defending the gospel” but you aren’t making disciples and building congregations with the gospel? In real life not on screens.

To the Theologians and Preachers:
Calvin was a murderer, and Calvinism is a doctrine of demons so why aren’t you “defending the faith” against that?

All the reformers taught according to Scripture that the Roman Papacy is the antiChrist so why don’t you “defend the faith” against that?

Who do you really fear?
What do you really love?

God’s Word or Man’s Opinion?

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