Charismania vs Calvinism: Doctrines of Demons

Calvinism & Cessationism are just as much “Doctrines of Demons” as Charismaniac Covetousness, Selfishness & Spiritual Disorder are.

Most Christians swing back & forth, from one error to the other.
Its sad to watch.

Find the narrow road of Holiness. Keep God’s Commandments.


When “theological” and “doctrinal” hypocrites and apologists and performers are exposed by God, the reaction is different than when the “charismatic” and “gifted” hypocrites and preachers and performers are exposed by God.

But to GOD, they are both the SAME. Different Pots, different Kettles. Same Dirty Grease.

It Starts at the Top. The whole head is SICK. REPENT and Keep Gods COMMANDMENTS!

Micah 3:11 The HEADS thereof judge for REWARD, and the PRIESTS thereof teach for HIRE, and the PROPHETS thereof divine for MONEY: yet will they lean upon the Lord, and say, Is not the Lord among us? none evil can come upon us.

1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that JUDGMENT must BEGIN at the house of God: and if it first BEGIN AT US, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

I warned people several years ago about Greek Philosophy infiltrating the church through orators and intellectuals like Augustine and Calvin:

These were actually doctrines of demons.

Modern religious orators and intellectuals such as apologists, rappers/lyricists, and media influencers tend to fall a victim to the same influences when they are obedient to their philosophies but disobedient to God’s Commandments.


There are plenty of problems in Charismania, but there are plenty of problems with those that are deeply entrenched in a theological foundation as well. What it boils down to is that Jesus never charged for discipleship, and He never designed discipleship to be done in a pay-for play OR pay-for school context.

He sent His Apostles to Preach the Gospel, Heal the Sick, Cast Out Devils, Baptize Souls, and Make Disciples in New Covenant order, teaching them to Keep His Commandments! Until we get back to that no amount of theological philosophy and training will bring power back to the Ecclesia.

Young Believer: Don’t Fall for the Church Sorcery Game

Young Believer I done seen a lot in my 40 years on the face of this stationary earth… let me put you up on some church sorcery game.

Ever since the POPE – when people don’t read the bible fully, they are intimidated by Scriptures they don’t understand.

They used to say “Don’t read the bible just trust the Pope.”

Then Bibles started being printed everywhere so it changed to “Just go pay for this Pope-approved Seminary” school.

But now Concordances are everywhere and historical knowledge is accessible everywhere.

So nowadays, “focus on Christ” and “focus on the gospel” is the mental trickery they use to throw you off the Truth when you start to discover the lies they teach about the Bible.

If they were really “focused on Christ” they wouldn’t be intimidated by ANY Scriptural doctrines because – He has magnified His Word above His name.

If they were really “focused on Christ” they wouldn’t attempt to eliminate ANY doctrine in the Scriptures because Jesus IS THE WORD.

Yes you do need to focus on Christ. He is the King of the New Covenant.

But focusing on Christ is focusing on the WHOLE Word AND Rightly Dividing it instead of hiding the Truth or suppressing the Truth.

Focusing on Christ is also obeying His Commandments and the Ten Commandments of His Father.

Here are a few Questions you can ask them:

How is neglecting any section or topic in Scripture “focusing on Christ”?

Did you “focus on Christ” during the last election year?

How exactly do you “focus on Christ’s” responsibility to heal the brokenhearted, heal the sick, give to the poor, and deliver the oppressed in captivity?

God’s Commandments keep us holy. How are you “focused on Christ” without holiness – if no man will SEE the Lord without holiness?

Are you really “defending the faith” or are you defending your fear of what you have not studied or searched out?

To the Entertainers and Debaters and Content Creators:
How are you “defending the gospel” but you aren’t making disciples and building congregations with the gospel? In real life not on screens.

To the Theologians and Preachers:
Calvin was a murderer, and Calvinism is a doctrine of demons so why aren’t you “defending the faith” against that?

All the reformers taught according to Scripture that the Roman Papacy is the antiChrist so why don’t you “defend the faith” against that?

Who do you really fear?
What do you really love?

God’s Word or Man’s Opinion?

How Does the Father Draw Us to the Son?

If you don’t have the PATIENCE to LEARN or the HUMILITY to be TAUGHT… ABBA FATHER cannot DRAW you into full obedience to the SON, and you will always be DRAWN AWAY from the FATHER IN HEAVEN.

Be patient… listen to God… take your time in the Scriptures… be willing to learn from others… slow down and take heed to your conscience, your dreams, your convictions. This is how the Father draws you to His Son.

Let Scripture interpret Scripture!

Once Saved Always Saved – One of the Greatest Lies in the Church TODAY

This message will help you understand a lot of what we see in the church today. Hypocrisy, the Great Falling Away, etc…

This message is rich with Scripture, Church History, and Modern Examples.

Did you know that master satanist Aleister Crowley also believed in “Once Saved Always Saved”?

This message hits the bullseye from Genesis to Revelation and even includes Church History and recent history from renowned Satanist Aleister Crowley. This will open your eyes to what’s going on in the church today! This is one of the biggest keys to understanding the Great Falling Away!

The Erring Logic of Calvinism

Either the end of Calvinism is Universalism, or the beginning of Calvinism is God only loves the elect.

But the Biblical mystery and offense of the gospel has everything to do with Christ. Christ on the cross (the offense), and Christ & the Church (the mystery).

The covenant love of Christ and the Church is a two-way relationship, just like husband and wife. This is the mystery of the Gospel.

CALVINISM REFUTED: Research on John Calvin and Calvinism


Never allow intellectual pride to pass for Spirit-filled Christianity.

Thanks to Nephtali1981 on Youtube and for the research:

One Scripture Revealing Christ who Revealed the Father:

Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, HOW OFTEN WOULD I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and YE WOULD NOT!



Links to Quotes:

1. Letter to Farel, 13 February 1546

“Servetus lately wrote to me, and coupled with his letter a long volume of his delirious fancies, with the Thrasonic boast, that I should see something astonishing and unheard of. He offers to come hither, if it be agreeable to me. But I am unwilling to pledge my word for his safety, FOR IF HE SHALL COME, I SHALL NEVER PERMIT HIM TO DEPART ALIVE, PROVIDED MY AUTHORITY BE OF ANY AVAIL”

2. Calvin justifying the use of the SWORD BY THE CHURCH.  Harmony of the Gospels; commentary on Matthew 13:39 – written in 1555

“This passage has been most improperly abused by the Anabaptists, and by others like them, to take from the Church the power of the sword. But it is easy to refute them; for since they approve of excommunication, which cuts off, at least for a time, the bad and reprobate, why may not godly magistrates, when necessity calls for it, use the sword against wicked men? They reply that, when the punishment is not capital, there is room allowed for repentance; as if the thief on the cross (Luke 23:42) did not find the means of salvation. I shall satisfy myself with replying, that Christ does not now speak of the office of pastors or of magistrates, but removes the offense which is apt to disturb weak minds, when they perceive that the Church is composed not only of the elect, but of the polluted dregs of society. ”

3. Letter to the Marquis du Poet, Grand Chamberlain of the Queen of Navarre, 30 September 1561

Honour, glory, and riches will be the reward of your pains. Above all do not fail to rid the country of all those zealous scoundrels that stir up the people to make head against us. Such monsters should be smothered, as I have done here by Michel Servetus the Spaniard.

(; in Letters of John Calvin, Vol. IV, edited by Jules Bonnet; translated by Marcus Robert Gilchrist, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1858, p. 434)

4. Preface to Commentary on the Psalms, Vol. 1, 22 July 1557   Visit to read the entire commentary. Once again describing the type of man that John Calvin is and this is from CALVIN UNIVERSITY…


5.  Wow did John Calvin love to use the SWORD to kill anyone who was against his doctrine.  Here he is once again instigating more deaths.  Are these fake too? You would think that the Calvin family remaining alive would be able to sue all of these people including John Calvin UNIVERSITY itself.  In this case, the link of a reformed website.

Letter to the Protector [Duke] Somerset, Regent of England, 22 October 1548

“From what I am given to understand, Monseigneur, there are two kinds of rebels who have risen up against the King and the Estates of the Kingdom. (1) The one, a fantastical sort of persons, who, under color of the Gospel, would put all into confusion. (2) The others are persons who persist in the superstitions of the Roman Antichrist. BOTH ALIKE DESERVE TO BE REPRESSED BY THE SWORD WHICH IS COMMITTED TO YOU, since they not only attack the King, but strive with God, who has placed him upon a royal throne, and has committed to you the protection as well of his person as of his majesty.”

Who Reveals the Mystery? – Calvin & Arminius or Christ & the Church

Men try to discuss the deep things of God using dead men like Calvin and Arminius (dead men’s bones).

The Holy Spirit reveals the mystery of the gospel of Christ using the marriage of Christ & the Church.

Ephesians 5
31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.