Q: I’m wondering your view on calvanism and predetermined destination. Is salvation available to all or does God preselect who he will elect? Does God choose or do we choose?

A: Calvin was a reformer that did a lot of good work but he was far from perfect. Many of his doctrines are demonic and based on deceptions that Augustine brought into the Church from Roman philosophies. He was also a murderer that used his religious power and mixed it with state power to have others killed.

Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world, and my servants don’t fight against flesh & blood. Calvinism has lots and lots of horrible fruit in that regard.

Not just his murder of Servetus, but even American slavery itself can be linked to Calvinism (check the links below).

3 John 1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Predestination is God’s end purpose for your life, but our human will must be submissive and obedient to accomplish God’s will.

Our relationship with God is a two way street, that’s why Apostle Paul describes the mystery of the gospel as a bridegroom & bride relationship. It’s a Covenant.

Salvation is available to all. The Call goes out to all. The elect are the ones that answer to call. The Congregation is comprised when those that have answered the call to Assemble together under the Authority of Christ.

If you look up the greek words Kletos, Ekkletos, Ekklesia, the doctrine of the gospel becomes very clear.

Roots of Ecclesia
Strongs Greek 2821 Klesis – an invitation
Strongs Greek 2822 Kletos – invited, called
Strongs Greek 1588 Ekklektos – called out (chosen, ELECT)
Strongs Greek 1577 Ekklesia – called out assembly or congregation

Many are invited and called, few are called out (answer the invitation aka ELECT), and become the ecclesia, assembly of those that answered the call.


Understanding Ekklesia not only helps us understand the nature of Salvation but it also helps us understand why the word “Church” is a mistranslation, and why the true Gospel can never be separated from the Assembly.

The Gospel is literally an invitation to Assemble under the Order of King Jesus.

Q: Why do so many churches teach that God chooses? What do you feel about people like lecrae who are calvanist?

A: Many churches teach that only God chooses and that its not a 2-way relationship because they follow after error.

False Apostles create false doctrines. Many theologians and preachers that came up with these doctrines were actually angels of light, ministers of satan that were attempting to minister to God’s people with their talent instead of fully repenting from their old false covenants and worldly philosophies.

This is why you get Manichean Philosophers like Augustine, Roman Catholic Lawyers like Calvin, and Hip Hop Rappers like Lecrae who end up mixing the gospel with their old mindsets instead of fully repenting ( Disclaimer: i have no idea if Lecrae is still a Calvinist or not).

This lack of true repentance ends up affecting their doctrine and their actions over time.

Does God harden hearts? Yes. But He hardens the hearts of those that choose to harden their own hearts first. If you search the Scriptures you’ll find that its a 2-way street.

Here’s a few articles on my blog about it:

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