Q: We are not supposed to have graven images, but why was Solomon allowed to have carved lions around his throne? Was that okay or not?

Q: If God forbade even the making of images to represent things in addition to their worship, how does that align with God telling them to make cherubim for the ark of the convent or the brazen serpent?

Q: Please help me understand this:
– Exodus 20:4
– Exodus 25:8
Are Cherubims not idols/graven images?

Snake image – Yah’s instruction
Solomons statues – idolatry,

Images in the temple – Yah’s instruction
Graven Images and Creature Likenesses made unto themselves – idolatry.

God had specific instructions where graven images were made for worship.

However the 2nd commandment instructed them not to make 3D images or creature likenesses for themselves.

Also, it’s important to note that even the images that God instructed them to make were only temporary, and they failed to produce the true worship that Yah wanted.

Yah dwells in temples not made with human hands.

Before the New Covenant, men were instructed to kill animals for sin, but in reality the eternal Lamb (Jesus) was to pay the price for sin.

Similarly a few graven images were allowed for the old covenant temple, but that was only temporary. The eternal commandment is still No Graven Images unto THEMSELVES or Idolatry.

Here’s the EASY way to understand it:

Sex with my wife in our bedroom, for God – Holy.

Sex in the street with a prostitute, for myself – Sinful.

It’s no coincidence that idolatry is considered by Yah as spiritual adultery. Covenant Worship is supposed to be exclusive, and Yah created boundaries on graven images to make sure it stayed that way. Covenant Sex is also supposed to be exclusive, and we need to set boundaries for our bodies (made in his image) to make sure it stays that way.

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