Looney Tunes Christians

Looney Tunes Christianity = when euro- based americans protest taxes, they are “Patriots for Liberty Against Tyranny.” But when afro- based americans protest innocent lives being taken by authority, they are “rebellious against government.” Looney Tunes Christians, please get over yourself.
Jesus said “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give unto God what belongs to God” 
Your money has New World Order written right on it, but you get to complain with “righteous indignation” when they take it back?
Humans are made In the image of God… Caesar’s not Lord. People that do no wrong aren’t supposed to be mercilessly killed by the government. But we can’t testify against the evil of innocent blood being shed by those that are supposedly anointed by God to protect the innocent? 
I don’t condone violence and rebellion. But I willingly join a long line of true Christ followers that weren’t afraid to testify with their throats and their mouths that the works of this world are evil, and that there is a higher authority than Caesar.

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