Things False Teachers Love:

Things False Teachers Love:

– Christian Bookstores
– Arguments and Debates
– Seminaries
– The Apocrypha and Profane Jewish Fables
– Textual Criticism (instead of Textual Obedience)
– Tuition payments
– Class Registration Payments
– Codex SINaiticus
– Codex VATICANus
– YouTube & Social Channels (instead of the physical Ecclesia)

Things False Teachers Don’t Have Time For:

– Reading the Bible Cover to Cover Repeatedly
– Doing the Word of God
– Night & Day Prayer
– Making Disciples and Teaching People to obey the Commandments of Jesus
– Obeying the Commandments of God (no time to even try them)
– Submitting to New Covenant Order in the Ecclesia that Yahusha designed – His Body

Anyone with any type of power, authority, or gift can choose to use their powers for good or for evil. Don’t use yours for evil & then play the victim. Just#Repent. 🔟👑📖

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