Things False Prophets Love:

Things False Prophets Love:

– Their favorite preacher
– Their favorite singer
– Their favorite rapper or actor
– Their favorite record label
– Their own record label/channel/page
– Your money
– Their book
– Their album
– Your likes and subscribes
– Their own gift
– Their own voice
– Prophetic school registration payments
– Their dreams
– Their feelings and opinions
– Their sex drive and newest wife (Ahabs)
– Their cleavage and butt shape (Jezebels)

Things False Prophets Don’t Have Time For:

– Reading the Bible Cover to Cover Repeatedly
– Night & Day Prayer
– Speaking up for the Poor, Needy, and Oppressed
– Keeping their Covenants
– Preaching the Gospel
– Obeying the Commandments of God (no time to even try them out)
– Submitting to New Covenant Order and producing fruit through the Assembly that Yahshua designed – His Body (too boring)

Anyone with any type of power, authority, or gift can choose to use their powers for good or for evil. Don’t use yours for evil & then play the victim. Just#Repent. 🔟👑📖

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