Things False Apostles Love:

Things False Apostles Love:

– Their great idea
– Their new business model
– Their own organization
– Their brand
– Their movement
– Politics
– Their denomination
– Conference ticket sales
– Concert ticket sales
– Their fundraising abilities
– Their new ministry model (that avoids the Commandments of Jesus and New Covenant Ordinances)
– Their own leadership skills

Things False Apostles Don’t Have Time For:

– Reading the Bible Cover to Cover Repeatedly
– Night & Day Prayer
– Preaching Repentance, Healing the Sick, Casting out Devils, Teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom
– Obeying the Commandments of God (no time to even try them)
– Building Commandment-Keeping Assemblies in the New Covenant Order that Jesus designed – His Body (not enough money in that)

Anyone with any type of power, authority, or gift can choose to use their powers for good or for evil. Don’t use yours for evil & then play the victim. Just#Repent. 🔟👑📖

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