The Propaganda and Manipulation you sow into Can and will be used against You Also

The Roman Empire has always been vicious with its propaganda and sorcery against those that testify of her evil deeds.

– Remember when Christians were cannibals that set Rome on fire? Of course, that’s why they deserved death.

– Remember when non-Roman Catholics were accused of made-up crimes and burned at the stake. It was all for a good reason.

– Remember when “black” people were reclassified and marketed as closer relatives to gorillas?

– Remember when abolitionists hated America?

– Remember when the FBI went after Marcus Garvey because he was a dangerous preacher who started too many successful “Negro” businesses? What a killer he was, right?

– Remember when MLK and Malcolm X were communists plotting to destroy America? Of course they should have been shot for what they were “planning” to do.

– Remember the black panthers dangerous breakfast programs, daring to support their communities and hold their public servants accountable? What a death toll they had, right?

– Some of us are so ignorant and mentally simple we don’t realize the purpose of the lies we are told is only to collect corrupt power, that will eventually be used against us too.

– The propaganda that you support can and will be used against YOU, when you become the enemy. Then who will stand up for you when you supported the lies told about someone else?

– When we preach “Christians are right with God.” They will make that terrorist hate speech, they will say – “No, ALL religions are right with God.”

We will say “Our Faith matters.” They will say “No, ALL faiths matter”

They will create a crisis, a few false flags, and a terrorist extremist group to lump you in with.

– They will manipulate the media using propaganda and sorcery- all to try and shut your mouth – using the same successful techniques that they have used to silence all those who testify of their evil works. The laws of sowing and reaping will still apply to you. So be careful what you are sowing now.

History has shown that there’s one type of “Christian” you DONT want to be: a Christian that uses “the gospel” as a an excuse to close their eyes to reality and walk in apathy towards the rest of the Bibles commands on loving people and humbly seeking justice for their fellow man.

Those type of “Christians” not only have blood on their hands but over time they and their children also end up the most deceived and deluded, cold-hearted and apostate.

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