Dont train up prostitutes

Raising your children to seek fame is like raising your son to find prostitutes instead of a wife. This world system is a lie.

Don’t just raise your children to be 18-25, at their pinnacle of beauty and strength, using their talent and making money.

Raise them to have enough character now to make good decisions at 30-35, with strong marriages and godly children. Fame won’t allow that. Godliness and humility will.

A lot of the scriptures in Proverbs about the “strange woman” also apply prophetically as a symbol of this world system of finance, education & entertainment.

It’s better to focus your children on diligent humble work, real savings, real productive and biblical worldview and worship.

Be careful to raise your children to seek kingdom truth not worldly greatness in the eyes of men.

I want my children to be better at making Jesus following disciples than I am.

I pray I don’t raise them with dreams of fame, prestige, or influence… But of obedience, servanthood, and authentic love.

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