Practical Self-Deliverance

You have to be DELIVERED from what you are called to minister to.

Acts 19:13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.

14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.

15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?

16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

Purify Your Hearts

If you are called to minister to a fatherless generation, how is your relationship with your father? How is your relationship with your heavenly Father? How close are you to your children?

If you are called to minister to hard hearts, how soft is your heart to the Words, Commandments, and Ordinances of King Jesus?

If you are called to minister to rebellious women, are you still self-willed, froward, and independent?

If you are called to minister to adulterous men, do you still have desires for your neighbors wife?

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and PURIFY YOUR HEARTS, ye DOUBLE MINDED.

Deliverance from devils comes to those who are humble enough to ASK for it… not to those clever enough to LIE about it.

You cannot be delivered from devils that you still enjoy.

Requesting Deliverance: Deliverance is for the Humble

Deliverance from devils won’t happen unless you’re humble enough to request & receive it.

When you check the Scriptures you don’t see Jesus forcing deliverance on anyone, mainly those that requested it or their parents brought them to Him in humility.

Deliverance IS a ministry of force against the devil. But it is NOT a ministry of force against the human will.

It’s simply another service provided by God to the meek & lowly, and to the humble that hear truth and are glad.

The first step to self-deliverance is to start feeding on and enjoying the truth more than you enjoy feeding the devils inside of you.

Strategies for Self-Deliverance

1. One way to get deliverance from a devil is for someone to call it out by name and cast it out of you.

2. Another way is for you identify the devil for yourself and to stop listening to it. You can take authority and cast it out of yourself by refusing to feed it or listen to it.

3. A third way is thru fasting, prayer, and continual worship in your prayer closet. You must cry out to God from the heart, continually.

4. A fourth way is to use your memory and allow the Holy Spirit to take you back to the moment when your soul was FIRST impacted by the abuse, the lie, the evil advice, the trauma, the sin, or the wicked entertainment. Verbally renounce your agreement with what happened, forgive all involved, and respond to that moment in the power of repentance and obedience to the Holy Spirit.

5. Whichever way that you get deliverance from devils, afterwards you must fill your spirit with the Word, and fill your body with obedience, lest the devils come back seven times stronger (Matthew 12:43-45).

Live a Lifestyle of Practical Self-Deliverance

1. Pray and Fast Consistently. KNOW HIM. Search the Scriptures. Be FILLED with the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. The New Covenant is focused on the Heart first, not just the sins you actually commit. As you pray, don’t ignore your mental/heart sins. Confess and Forsake them.

3. Vocally and Verbally DENOUNCE every thought that goes against the 10 Commandments even if it’s only in your heart. Be aggressive and possess your soul with Grace (the Power and Favor of God).

4. Do the Commandments of Jesus and keep New Covenant Ordinances. They are heart-purifying.

Purity = Power.

John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath NOTHING IN ME.

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