Joseph had the same gift talent & ability in the prison as he had in the palace. Develop yourself until your change comes.

If you knew what GOD was moving out of the way to MAKE ROOM FOR YOU – you would be 3x more FOCUSED.


Satan will try to use your woundedness and hurt to get you going his way. But if you keep your INTEGRITY, you can use your suffering to get a double promotion in God’s ways.

Who you are on the inside cannot be taken away from you. Integrity. Character. Discipline. Love. Obedience.
This is your Value💪🏾

How do I turn Suffering into Reigning?

Turning suffering into reigning is not easy by yourself. But with God you can do it easily. When God says it he gives power to do it. “Where the word of a king is, there is power.” (Ecclesiastes 8 )

First forgive, because God forgave you. Then just listen for whatever instruction or act of integrity he tells you to keep. It might not be pain free but it will be powerful.

: the state of being complete or whole

Job 2:9-10
Proverbs 15:4
Job 42:10-12

Every time you Suffer in Righteousness its actually a Promotion.
Suffer to Reign.
Believe in God and shut the devil up!❤😁✌🏾

Joseph’s Management Diligence

Joseph’s Management Diligence

Read Genesis 39

Joseph’s management ability was such that the owner of what he worked on didn’t even have to think about his property, because he trusted Joseph so much to handle it correctly.

Natural Application:
Work at your job so diligently that the owner doesn’t even have to think about his property, or even his market. This is the easy way to focus and crush any professional challenge.

Spiritual Application:
Feed God’s people so diligently so that the LORD doesn’t have to think about if His sheep are being poisoned, underfed, or eaten by spiritual wolves. This is the easy way to focus on diligent leadership in your family or your church – seeing them as really God’s, not yours.