focus, diligence, and perseverance

Focus, Diligence, and Perseverance are the only attributes you need to get you to where you want to be in life.

We all do these things very well, the problem is that sometimes we focus on the wrong visions, we’re diligent in the wrong plans, and we persevere towards the wrong goals.

Who has bewitched you? Who has distracted you? Who has deceived you?

Get rid of those things and you will have nothing in between you and your goals except focus, diligence, and perseverance.


WALK IN DILIGENCE AND HOLINESS: Because its how you possess the Promises of God and Keep them!

A lot of times God’s promises have already manifested, but we don’t know how to possess them. Go visit a farm and you’ll see that harvest season is a season of hard work. We have to possess the promises of God with diligence.

Also, we cannot turn our hearts to other gods and give our inheritance to the world’s idols – and then tell God that He hasn’t given us the promises. Maybe He already gave them to us but we wasted them on babylon and spiritual harlotry. That’s why holiness is never a weakness, it actually produces strength.

Joseph’s Management Diligence

Joseph’s Management Diligence

Read Genesis 39

Joseph’s management ability was such that the owner of what he worked on didn’t even have to think about his property, because he trusted Joseph so much to handle it correctly.

Natural Application:
Work at your job so diligently that the owner doesn’t even have to think about his property, or even his market. This is the easy way to focus and crush any professional challenge.

Spiritual Application:
Feed God’s people so diligently so that the LORD doesn’t have to think about if His sheep are being poisoned, underfed, or eaten by spiritual wolves. This is the easy way to focus on diligent leadership in your family or your church – seeing them as really God’s, not yours.