Let Faith & PATIENCE win your Fight!

Everybody’s Not Built for the fights you were created to win. That’s okay!
Win your Fight then Bless Others with the fruits of God’s Victory in you.❤😁

Joseph was designed to rule and save many lives with his ability to manage resources. His brothers hated him for his calling, but God’s plan remained the same.

It didn’t matter why they hated him – when it came time to be fed during the famine, they had to come to Joseph to eat and to feed their families. Submission to God’s Plan was the only way to stay alive.

Humility, Repentance, and Forgiveness was mandatory!

Joseph didn’t let impatience push him into anger (like Moses). Joseph didn’t let impatience push him into mixture, compromise, or rebellion (like Saul).

Joseph let PATIENCE have her perfect work on his character. He kept speaking and believing the Word throughout his rejections and sufferings… then He received the promise.

Then he was used to save the lives of many, including everyone that hated him, abandoned him, and tried to destroy him.

Joseph fulfilled God’s plan to save many people alive with a pure heart built by Faith & PATIENCE!

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