Hypocrite = Actor = Colonizer = Sellout

The Jews did not have an Entertainment based culture, they had a Prophetic culture.

Here is a link to my Teaching Series on where I go in depth on this topic entitled, “How to Prophesy for YAHUAH the Most High”:

Arts and Entertainment were a Greco-Roman focus. The Greeks and Romans were also their OPPRESSORS.

So when Yahusha called the Pharisees “Hypocrites” it was the equivalent of calling them “COLONIZERS.” 🤯

The word hypocrite literally means “play actor.”

Jesus was calling not only calling them “fake,” “for the cameras”, and “studio gangsters” but He was also calling them “SELLOUTS.”

He was saying that they weren’t even worthy to represent their own people.

People seem to think that Jesus was not as harsh as John the Baptist, but when you understand the backdrop you will understand that He was actually much harsher than J.B…. and the society around Him understood very well how raw He was and who He was calling out.

Real recognizes real. Embrace a culture of Obedience. Leave the Actors, find the Doers.

Let the actors keep acting, and let the blind keep leading the blind to their stages, channels, and screens.

The new beginning in the Kingdom of God is coming soon! Get prepared for the return of the King of Kings!

One of THEE MOST Important Videos You Can Watch on Acting & Entertainment. We must Repent!

More INDISPUTABLE PROOF of Actors Channeling demons Part 2:

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