Is Hallelujah Really the Highest Praise?

“Is Hallelujah the Highest Praise”

Hallelujah is not the praise, its the “commandment” or “encouragement” to praise. When you say “Hallelujah”, you are saying “everybody praise God”.

If I say “tell me your name!” you don’t repeat “tell me your name!” you just do it, you say your name…

To praise God is to retell God’s glorious characteristics and character, basically telling of His name. In the Psalms when David or Moses or Asaph says “Hallelujah” they are exhorting you to speak out your remembrance of God’s goodness and characteristics and the things He did.

So when people say “Hallelujah is the Highest praise” I’m not too sure what they mean. Are they saying “the commandment to praise is the highest form of praise?” I don’t know if that makes sense. There’s nothing in the Bible that actually says that.

If somebody says “Praise God” or “Hallelujah” to me that means I need to think about God and vocalize what He has done and who He really is.


“Hallelujah” is the praise leader telling you what to do, then (hopefully) leading by example. Its your job to actually do it.

It’s a big misunderstanding and it could make our praise a lot more powerful and build up our souls so much more if we understood how to really praise God without wasting words. Knowledge of the Holy is Understanding!

8 Responses

  1. You are right! Some recording artist said it in a song and it dosen’t make any sense at all.

  2. So exactly what is the highest praise?

  3. Amen! Awesomeness! We must be careful not to repeat or share things about God’s word that is not truth, less we become deceivers of God’s word.

  4. The highest praise would come from the heart! After you’ve accepted Jesus Christ! Knowing that he died on the cross for our sins and so that we can have eternal life! After being baptized in the Holy Spirit! You’ll figure out what your highest praise is! If it’s waving your hands or speaking in tongues! The Holy Spirit will come over you

  5. Praise The Lord!!!!!! Finally, we have the true explanation for this. I always wondered whether man could really have a ‘highest’ praise for the Almighty. No praise that mere man can offer is too high for Our Father.

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