Babylon Empire Leaders Confession

While their citizens play dumb… leaders in the Babylon Empire know EXACTLY what they’ve done.

Escape the whoredoms while you still can!

“The whole statement was published in the edition of Canard enchainépublished on January 24, 2001. That night, the president said: “While speaking of Africa, we must check our memory. We started draining the continent four and a half centuries ago with the slave trade. Next, we discovered their raw materials and seized them. Having deprived Africans of their wealth, we sent in our elites who destroyed their culture. Now, we are depriving them of their brains thanks to scholarships which are definitely another form of exploitation because, at the end, the most intelligent students do not go back to their countries […] In the end, noticing that Africa is not in a good state and as bonuses for the wealth we made on its back, we are giving lectures…”

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